Is Growth Factor Plus a Scam? Can it Really Increase Height?

Unless you’re lucky enough to be 6’2” naturally, almost every guy on the planet wants to be taller. Being taller makes you more imposing, it makes you more attractive to women and it makes you much more confident. The psychological impact of looking down on people alone is enough to make you feel much more impressive and far less shy as a guy, while studies have shown that being just a few inches taller correlates with increases in salary, attractiveness and more.


And for those of us looking to build muscle, getting taller is hugely advantageous. Short bodybuilders might find it easier to look bulky (seeing as the muscle is more compacted) but they also have shorter levers and less space for total overall muscle. The result is that they’re generally not as strong and that they’re more powerful looking overall. Plus, they never get the accusation that it’s ‘easy to look strong when you’re short’.


But your height is something you have no control over… right? You can’t change how tall you are… can you?


Well, if the hype is to be believed there just might be a way. The supplement is called ‘Growth Factor Plus’ and word has it that it can help you to get taller while also providing a ton of other amazing benefits. But does it really do what it says it does? Let’s find out…


How We Grow Taller and Why We Stop

To start with, let’s look at bit at the science of growing taller. There are two factors you need here: one is human growth hormone and the other is for your growth plates to be open. When we’re younger, we produce more growth hormone and this allows our bones to get longer. Specifically they do this by extending at the ‘growth plates’ which are like softer areas that live at the end of your limbs. Once we pass a certain age, those growth plates ‘ossify’ and become real bone and our growth hormone production slows down.


How Growth Factor Plus Works

Growth Factor Plus is an entirely natural supplement from HGH.com, which providGrowth Factor Pluses the body with the raw materials it needs to create more HGH naturally. This isn’t like taking HGH directly (which is illegal in many states and countries) but instead you’re helping your body to make more itself – which results in much longer lasting and more pronounced benefits.


But what about the growth plates?


Well for starters, everyone’s growth plates close at different ages. While many people will tell you they close at 15, often they don’t fully ossify until the age of 28… or even older! This means that even if you think you’re fully grown, there’s still a good chance you can squeeze out a couple of extra inches.


What’s more, studies have found that HGH can increase growth even in adults. This is supported by the proprietary blend of ingredients (including l-ornithine, l-arginine, l-lsine, l-tyrosine and others) found in Growth Factor Plus that help to encourage bone health and even bone growth. The combination of these ingredients combined with growth hormone means that you can rebuild cartilage and more to increase the length of bones quite considerably.


The site contains honest reviews (which is a rarity for such products) and the company is happy to provide refunds for those who aren’t happy. There’s nothing to lose then and if you think you’d be happier with an extra 1-3” in height, it’s definitely worth checking out.


How to Train Your Triceps With Resistance Bands

There’s a misconception that resistance bands are for guys recovering from injury and yoga women. Compared to a heavy set of dumbbells there’s just no way you can get a decent enough workout from some elastic to stimulate the same kind of growth right? They’re pretty much glorified elastic bands with handles on the end!


That’s the view of many but it is not in fact a fair one. You see, your muscle really can’t tell the difference between the resistance that comes from dumbbells and the resistance that comes from a band. And actually, the light nature of resistance bands gives them some real advantages over weights…


Why Resistance Bands Rock

One benefit that a resistance band offers over weights is that it provides you with a more consistent resistance. When you perform something like a bench press with dumbbells for instance, you’ll find that there are points where the resistance isn’t really there: such as when the arms are fully locked out.


Resistance bands on the other hand will be continuously pulling against you with pressure ensuring you experience the same amount of resistance all the way through the movement. The result is that you can build muscle much more evenly extend your range of motion. When pressing bands for instance, they pull outward to the side and ensure you never get that chance to ‘rest’.


But while the resistance is more even, it’s not completely even. In other words, the band gets tougher the more taught it has been pulled. This means you’ll get a completely different experience to normal training with the band.


And then of course there’s the benefit of having something so small and light that can easily be flung into a bag.


Resistance Bands for Triceps

Resistance bands are great for isolation and perfect for the sometimes hard-to-hit triceps. Perform the following exercises with the bands for a decent workout:

  • Kickbacks
  • Tricep dips
  • Overhead band extensions
  • Single hand overhead arm extensions


Start with the kickbacks, using a doorhandle or similar to lock the band in place. The further away you stand, the harder this will be – which gives you a great way to perform a steady drop set by moving towards the door as you start to fail. Continue to failure.


Next up are tricep dips. These are a great bodyweight move for triceps that don’t utilize the band. The band comes in for the next one though: overhead band extensions. We’re performing these two as a superset which means they’ll be performed back-to-back with no rest period in-between. Perform for several sets.


Finally, single handed overhead arm extensions with the band will really push you and will offer a nice change of pace from dumbbells. Stand on the other end of the band and then feel the movement get harder as you get higher up.


Some Tips

So how do you use this workout? This should not be used to replace your current tricep workout but what it is, is a great tool for working out on the move. And because you’re mixing up your usual training, you’ll find your body actually responds very positively to this – it’s not a case of ‘it will do’ but rather an actual bonus as far as your progress is concerned. But it must be used sparingly.


Finally, remember that you can always double up the bands if you’re finding it too easy!



How to Get Rid of Love Handles Once and for All!

An awesome physique is really all about attention to detail. Even if your physique is 99% awesome, you can still be let down by just a few imperfections.


Take love handles for instance. These sit on either side of your waist and hang over your trousers so that even when your abs and stomach look flat and defined, you still don’t look as thin or toned as you should be.


And the especially annoying part? They’re incredibly difficult to get rid of. Even when you drop to a low body fat percentage you can still find this to be a problem area. So what should you do about it? Read on to find out…



One Surprising Tip

Before we get started, let’s take a look at one surprising tip: you want to stop training your obliques. Or at least you want to change the way you train them.


Your obliques are the muscles that wrap around the core and which lie on either side of the abs. When they’re defined, they give you more diagonal lines pointing in towards your abs.


But when they get big, they can actually protrude out from your body and this creates the look of love handles. In this case they’re actually made from muscle but you’re still getting that unwanted love handle look. If your love handles keep growing no matter how hard you’re training, then this could well be what’s going on. Especially dangerous are moves like side bends and one-handed shoulder presses.


Burn Calories

The rest is all about burning calories – just the same as any other part of the body. As those who are experienced reading this will know, you actually can’t ‘target’ fat loss, so instead the order the fat falls away will be entirely determined by your genetics.


So in other words, you may find that your stomach gets flatter and flatter but you still have fat love handles. Don’t worry – eventually they’ll fall away too, it’s just a matter of getting there.


So how are we going to get there?


One tip is to start eating less. Not tons less – but just fewer calories so that you’re burning more than you’re eating. Normally this is a simple matter of cutting some of the junk food out of your diet. If you tend to eat deserts after every meal, then just kick that habit!


Meanwhile, add some CV to your routine. You don’t need to be doing tons here either to see results – just ten minutes a day can be enough. Try using high intensity workouts to really get your money’s worth in a short amount of time and manage this with circuits.


Here’s one quick circuit you could try using:

  • Jumping knee tuck burpee
  • Seated leg raise
  • High knees


Perform each one four times in total for 30-40 seconds with no rest. You’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn quickly.


Use this as a finisher at the end of your other workouts for even better results. In no time, you’ll see those love handles melt away!


How to Add Muscle Density With Constant Tension Timed Sets

As the old saying goes: size isn’t everything. And while it might surprise you to think that this expression could apply in the context of bodybuilding, it actually does hold true even when your objective is to pack on muscle.


Why? Because massive muscle doesn’t necessarily mean strong muscle. And if you want to be a more formidable athlete and a successful bodybuilder, you need to ensure that you have both. Even if your goal is to get bigger, you need to focus on strength as well to help this happen. And to get both, you need muscle density.




What is Muscle Density?

Have you ever seen your muscles grow in size but somehow feel soft to touch? In this case, you might have good measurements but you’ll probably find that your actual performance is lacking. Why? Because you have the size but not the density.


Size in the muscles can be achieved multiple ways and one of the most common is through ‘sarcoplasmic hypertrophy’. That means that the muscles have become swollen with sarcoplasm which in turn has left them looking large but also somewhat ‘puffy’.


Muscle density on the other hand is about increasing the amount of muscle fiber – which is the tensile unit in the muscle that actually bears weight and powers your muscle’s mechanical movement. This is called myofibrillar hypertrophy. The idea that sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy are separate and distinct is one that isn’t universally agreed upon but it’s a popular theory among actual lifters who have experienced the difference for themselves.


How to Build Density

To train for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, the best strategy is to use high reps with a relatively light weight. Typically this might mean a range of about 12-15 repetitions.


For myofibrillar hypertrophy however, what’s most important is to train with heavy weights for fewer reps. This could be as low as 4 repetitions up to around 8.


But if you want pure density that makes your muscles rock hard and powerful the best strategy is to go for both. And the best way to achieve that is by increasing your time under tension.


Vince DelMonte explains a training technique you can use to accomplish this: constant tension timed sets.


As the name suggests, this training method is all about keeping the tension on the muscles which increases volume. This is accomplished by ensuring that you don’t pause at the top or bottom of the movement at all.


Then, each exercise is performed for 50-60 seconds which might not sound like much but does in fact translate to a lot of repetitions. By the end, you will barely be able to complete individual reps and this means you’ll be forced to use burns or partials just to see yourself through the rest of the exercise.


That much time under tension triggers both sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy, massively increasing the endurance of the muscle and the explosive strength/muscle fiber recruitment. Give it a go for a hellish next workout with heavenly results!


Effective Five Step Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs



Jeff Cavalier is a guy who tells it how it is when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. And this is no different when it comes to his advice for getting six pack abs. What’s the best diet for getting six pack abs?


A simple one.


In other words, it’s time to stop overcomplicating matters with strange rules and behaviors. Believe it or not, getting abs is no rocket science – it’s just about being consistent and doing the things you know you should be doing.


Can you get ahead with techniques like carb backloading? Is there merit to eating coconut oil?


Maybe. Sure. Who knows.


Point is, you don’t really need to be doing those things and you shouldn’t be worrying about that kind of specificity unless you’re a top athlete. For most of us, all that matters is just eating a little less than we were before and a little healthier.


To help you through this process, check out just these few tips from Jeff that can help you to get the body you’re looking for.


Step 1 – Stop Eating Junk Food

You already know which foods in your diet are completely bad for you. Those are the ones we know as ’empty calories’ and they’re the unnecessarily calorific ones.


So what examples are there of this? Think:

  • Cake
  • McDonalds
  • Mars Bars
  • French fries
  • Ready-made microwave pasta meals
  • CocaCola


These are all pretty much just rubbish for your health. They contain approximately zero useful nutrition but more than make up for that in calories. The simple answer: steer clear.


Step 2 – Eat More Often

Eating more often boosts your metabolism, it prevents you from stretching your stomach and it encourages you to eat less each time you do.


Step 3 – Remove Unnecessary Foods

You’ve removed the utter junk from your diet and you’ve spaced out the rest. Next up, time to take another pass through that diet and to remove the parts that aren’t doing as much good as you maybe thought they were.


In other words, there is your obvious junk food and then there’s your less obvious junk food. Take that shop-bought chicken Kiev for instance. It might sound good for you (chicken and garlic, what’s not to like?) but chances are the chicken is highly processed and there’s a ton of extra fat. It’s probably crazy high in calories… so cut this kind of stuff out too.


Step 4 – Add in More Healthy Foods

The aim isn’t to starve yourself here though. Instead, your objective is to swap out the bad for the good. So in place of those foods that are making you suffer, add in some foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories. This will ensure you still feel satisfied and even more so if the food is nutritious.


Step 5 – Add High Quality Supplements

This step isn’t crucial but if you really want to chisel those abs, then throw in a few good supplements to add to your protein intake or to enhance your general health further. You can also consider Crazy Mass supplements that mimic legal steroids but have no harmful side effects.


And that’s your basic 5-step plan!


But you knew all this already didn’t you?


Chest BLITZ – How to Explode Lagging Pectorals

The Buff Dudes are responsible for some of the toughest and most effective workouts on YouTube. These guys train smart and they look good.


Their Blitz workouts are some of the best examples of this and are designed to add rapid muscle growth in no time at all – perfect for lagging areas.


So how does this work? The following chest blitz workout is designed to stimulate growth in the chest and works by hitting the chest just hard enough that it can be used twice per week. This uses a lot of compound movements used in the hypertrophy rep range (12-15) and is packed with smart tips that will enhance the muscle engagement to ensure you’re stimulating growth.


The goal here is not to break records. Instead, you’re aiming to stimulate the chest just enough in the shortest amount of time, while allowing time for recovery so you can go at it again shortly after.


Here’s the full workout, with some powerful tips that will really make all the difference.



Incline Neutral Grip Dumbbell Press

We’re starting with an incline neutral grip dumbbell press. This works the top of the chest which is an area all too often neglected. If you want your chest to look like Optimus Prime’s, then working the top is what counts. Forget the top and they’ll end up looking dangerously close to man-boobs!


Tip: Increase your incline each set – this way you mix it up and slightly alter the angle on each go.


Flat Bench

The flat bench press is one of the simplest chest moves in the book – but it’s also probably the best. In this case, it’s perfect following the neutral grip dumbbell press as it allows you to keep going after the shoulders have begun to fatigue.


Tip: Use a wider grip to engage the chest more. This is a tip from Arnie himself!


Landmine Presses

Landmine presses involve lifting one end of a barbell with the other propped in the corner of the room for stability. Tuck the elbows in and push the bar outwards and up like a chest/shoulder press.


Tip: Squeeze the hands together hard as you perform the movement. This will further engage the middle of the chest which is already the area we’re targeting.


Tip 2: Kneel down while you perform this movement – it will make it easier to lift and it will ensure you don’t get tired and give up before your chest has fatigued.


Dumbbell Flyes

Finishing on an isolation movement is a great way to flush the last drop of effort out from the pecs. In this case, you’ll be performing flyes to hit the outside of the pecs. Try to get a stretch on with each repetition, studies suggest this is fantastic for stimulating growth.


Tip: Don’t bring the dumbbells together in the middle as at this point the pecs aren’t working anymore. Bring them close but stop once you feel as though the pecs are starting to get a break.


Repeat this blitz twice a week and you should see your chest balloon like never before!



The Barbell Hip Thrust for Powerful Legs and Glutes

The barbell hip thrust is an exercise that trains your lower back, your glutes and your hip flexors. It’s a powerful movement but one that you don’t performed all that often. Why not? Because a lot of people don’t know it exists!


Let’s put a change to that then…


What is the Barbell Hip Thrust?



The best way to explain how to perform a barbell hip thrust is to begin with a description of the basic hip thrust… Here then is how you go about performing that movement:


To start with, you’re going to sit in front of a bench on the floor with your lower back leaning against it. Place your feet flat on the floor and then prop yourself up so that your head is resting on the bench along with the very top of your shoulders and your back is parallel to the floor. To get into that position, you will need to have your knees bent. Don’t push yourself too far back or your head will be hanging off.


Now squeeze your glutes and lower your buttocks towards the floor. Then, push your hips upwards again as though you’re thrusting into the air above you. Perform this for several repetitions and you’ve got your basic hip thrust. If this is your first time doing these, it’s worth getting familiar with the movement first before you add the weight. You should really feel this working the glutes.


To add the barbell though, you’re going to sit flat on the floor with your legs out straight. Then roll the barbell up over your legs to your waist, or just rest it on your legs. It may be helpful to place a cushion or a yoga mat on your leg to prevent it from hurting.


Now get your knees in position with your feet flat on the floor and pump up just as you normally wood. Ensure your back is getting enough support on the bench and then perform more reps. You should really feel the glutes working now. If not, then lower the weight and try to fix your technique.


Why This is Great

So what makes this movement so powerful?


Well for women, this is one of the best exercises for the glutes and is sure to give you curvaceous buttocks.


If you’re a guy and don’t find that quite as appealing though, you should still make sure you add this to your repertoire. The reason is that the glutes are actually one of the largest muscle groups in the human body and can stimulate some serious hypertrophy. And as mentioned, it’s great for the lower back too, not to mention the hip flexors, the quads and more.


In other words, this is a powerful compound movement for your lower body that involves a lot of the muscle as a squat or deadlift. If you want to improve your lifts on those key staples, then this is a fantastic exercise for doing just that!


3 Easy Nutrition Tips That Will Get You Ripped This summer


When summer rolls around, every guy with hard six pack abs gets excited for the opportunity to take his top off down the beach and flaunt the body he worked so hard to craft. It’s a great feeling and a great reward for all the effort they put in down the gym.


For those with a portly paunch on the other hand, this can be something of a stressful occasion. You can’t hit the beach in your normal attire but how do you keep that extra fat hidden when you’re going topless?


One solution is this: lose the fat fast. Even if the nights are already getting shorter you can still make a difference to your belly – you just need to diet smart. These three simple tips will help you to do just that…


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

While you might have a deadline to get those abs beach-ready, that doesn’t mean you should rush and cut corners. Losing fat very quickly is not only bad for you (because your weight will be yo-yoing), it also makes you very likely to pile the fat back on shortly after. To get long-lasting results, you need to take a more measured and steady approach.


So how quickly can you actually lose fat? The general recommendation is 1-3 pounds of body fat per week or 1% of your overall weight. So if you’re 100 pounds, you might be able to lose 100 pound per week (not 1% of your body fat percentage). Note though that this is a very arbitrary recommendation – the answer is really going to depend on your current weight, fitness, metabolism and more and you’ll find it becomes harder to shift weight fast as you get slimmer.


Increase Your Protein Intake

This is a very important one for those bodybuilders out there. If you only care about losing weight, then this isn’t as important. If you want to lose weight and keep your muscle, then you need to adjust your macros so that you’re getting more protein to protect and build that tissue.


Even if you only care about losing weight though, protein is filling, important for our health and has a thermogenic effect meaning that it burns calories as you digest it. Overall then, increasing protein is a smart move for anyone.


MED for CV

Remember what we said about slow and steady winning the race? This applies doubly to your CV. Your ‘MED’ is your Minimum Effective Dose and in this case, that’s going to be about one CV session a week.


Why not add more? Because it’s simply too much of a change for your body if you currently aren’t doing any CV at all. Suddenly start running 100 miles a week and you’ll end up burned out by week 2. Likely you’ll get ill, you’ll definitely lose muscle and your body won’t know how to react.


Start out with a decent CV workout once a week and then add more and more as you grow in fitness and confidence.


How to Burn Fat and Get Shredded With Barbell Complexes

When it comes to burning fat, most of us think there is just the one option: cardio. Of course there are different types of cardio – with HIIT being one of the most popular – but still this essentially boils down to running, rowing or moving fast for set periods of times.


Problem is, if we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us would have to admit that we’re not the biggest fans of cardio. We became bodybuilders for a reason: lifting weights is fun. Running on a treadmill for hours? Not so fun.


Luckily though, there’s another option.


What Are Barbell Complexes and Why Are They Perfect for Cardio?

A complex is essentially a type of training that involves using large sets with a variety of different rep counts all in one big routine – almost like a circuit.


With that in mind, a barbell complex is obviously going to be a sort of circuit but using a barbell. And this basically entails doing things like squatting, like pressing, like deadlifting and like skull crushing. Then you have upward rows, curls, extensions, cleans and all the other exciting things you can do with a barbell.


Why is this the perfect storm when it comes to fat loss? First and foremost, this is because all these movements involve your whole body. When you deadlift, you engage lots of the biggest muscles in the body. The hamstrings and quads of course get involved, but so too does the lower back, the lats, the shoulders and the core. All of this works together and in doing so, it stimulates a huge release of hormones. These hormones are the anabolic hormones of course such as testosterone and growth hormone. At the same time, you also get a release of adrenaline and the other catecholamine hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline. This ramps up your muscle building and your fat burning to help create a truly ripped and lean physique.


What’s more, you’ll be performing rapid repetitions and long sets with these weights which will give you plenty of opportunity to burn calories. And because you’re doing this with weight, you’ll be doing what’s known as ‘resistance cardio’ or ‘concurrent training’. This entails combining cardio with resistance work which means your heart works harder and you burn more fat.


A Routine

So with than in mind, what might a routine look like that used complexes with a barbell to burn fat?

Something like this…

20 x Squats

15 x Clean and Press

10 x Overhead Extensions

10 x Rows

10 x Deadlifts


Combine these in a sequence with no or very little rest in between and do several routines. As an added bonus, burning fat this way will be more protective of muscle so you won’t lose those hard-won gains. And moreover, you’ll get to train doing what you love!


Note: These can also be used as ‘finisher sets’ tacked onto the end of a resistance workout to increase the total number of fat burned!


How to Build Muscle While Burning Fat

Almost every guy wants to build muscle while at the same time burning fat. We all want mass in the right places, while keeping away that layer of fat that removes the detail.


Problem is, doing both at the same time is pretty hard. In fact to be honest, doing either is pretty difficult. Doing both is darn near impossible!


If you ask the experts, they’ll tell you that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight and a calorie surplus to build muscle. That’s not a good start. What’s more, while you use cardio to burn weight this has the unwanted effect of shredding away your muscle too! Oh dear.


But there is a way you can have your (protein) cake and eat it too. For starters, you need to maintain a calorie deficit to lose weight yes but you don’t actually need a calorie surplus for building muscle. All you need to build muscle is a protein surplus. You should also try not to lose weight too drastically but instead to gradually cut back on the fat while gradually building up the muscle. Go too quickly and you’ll end up losing both your fat and your muscle. The objective here is not to bulk and cut but rather to subtly alter your physique.


So keep your calories around what they are and then increase your exertion so that you’re burning slightly more than that. Meanwhile, skew your macros so that you are eating more protein compared with carbs or fat.


Strength Circuit

As for the training, the following strategy is something that you can do both burn fat and build muscle. This is basically resistance/weight training but performed at a higher pace. These long reps will flood your muscles with blood and oxygen to help stimulate sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (causing them to swell) while the high intensity and lengthy session will be enough to see your calorie burn climb through the roof. Better yet, because you’re burning calories with resistance work, this makes it protective of your muscle mass – i.e. it won’t be burned for fuel!


Leg Pulls

Pull Ups

Horizontal Back Extension

Bench Press


And at the same time, you’ll also be employing a circuit like routine where you will be using your 15 rep maximum (the highest weight you can perform fifteen reps on for each exercise). You’ll be going around in a circuit and resting for 45 seconds between each exercise. In total the aim is to perform 75 repetitions and you’ll keep going until you do. What you’ll find is that by the third time around, you’ll only be performing around 10 or even 5 repetitions. Still though, you’re going to keep the intensity up and never rest more than 45 seconds. You’ll really be able to feel what a workout you’re getting as you gasp for air and by the end it’s easily conceivable that you might burn 700+ calories in as little as 45 minutes. Give it a go and see for yourself!