An Ab Workout From Kris Grethin and Team Grenade

A few years back bodybuilding.com posted a video that saw Team Grenade put bodybuilders Kris Grethin through his paces. The workout was highly creative and challenging and is one that anyone can use to develop their abs for rock hard toughness and great strength and stability. If you want to get your stomach cut, then this is one of the very best routines out there still. Ready to give it a go?

Exercise 1
Decline Bench Press Overhead Barbell Sit Up

The workout starts with something you might not have seen before – a sit up on the decline bench press while holding a bar above your head throughout the movement. The bar doesn’t have to have any weight on it to begin with, but you’ll be adding more to it as you go.

This exercise is excellent for building ab strength for a number of reasons. For starters it’s quite unique and there’s a good chance you won’t have done it before – always a huge bonus for any exercise. Secondly, the decline nature means you’ll have a greater range of motion to train the entire abs. Finally, the bar of course ads extra resistance. Use several sets and as you get further, try increasing the weight to add even more challenge.

Exercise 2
Hanging Windmills

The name ‘windmills’ can refer to a number of different leg exercises, but in this case they are describing an exercise performed while hanging from the bar. Here you will move your legs slowly round in a circle as though they were a windmill. This is great not only for your lower abs but also your obliques.

Exercise 3
Toe-to-Bar Leg Raises

Toe-to-bar raises involve again hanging from a pull up bar, and this time keeping your legs straight and bringing them directly upwards to touch your toes to the top of the bar. This is a very tough workout for your entire rectus abdominis, but if you can’t do it you can just bring your knees up to your chest instead which is considerably easier.

Exercise 4
Hanging Sit Ups

Now using some gravity boots/ankle loops, you’re going to hang upside down from a pull up bar or from a squatting rack and then you’re going to perform sit ups from that angle. This downward angle will increase the gravitational force you’re pulling against while at the same time challenging yourself with quite a unique technique. Do be sure to get down though if you feel yourself getting light headed! Conversely, if it’s too easy, then you can try holding a weight plate and then bringing this up with you each time you perform a repetition.

Exercise 5

Team Grenade aren’t just interested in regular plank, but instead recommend moving into different positions and holding each one for thirty seconds. In the video they use normal plank, they raise their bodies and lower them and they balance on just one side using their forearms (making sure to do both).


An Efficient and Challenging Legs and Upper Abs Routine From Kris Gethin

A great workout should be intense and efficient. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the gym, how many different exercises you’re going to do or how closely you follow the general consensus for training: it only matters how much effort you put in and how intense the training is all the way through.


This leg and abs workout from Kris is highly unconventional in a number of ways. It’s simple in that it only uses three exercises, it’s intense and fast because it uses tiny rests and is built around supersets, and it’s unusual too because it has such high rep ranges.


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But this simplicity makes the workout simpler to follow. The high volume keeps the muscles under tension and Kris believes will stimulate more growth than conventional methods. And the intensity allows you to get in and out of the gym in 45 minutes having done a more than adequate session.


So there’s just two sets. One super set and one set of crunches. Here are the specifics…


Superset: Leg Press Superset With Calf Raises

Leg press and calf raises can both be performed on the leg press machine making them ideal for super-setting. The leg press itself will hit the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and hips, allowing you to finish off with just the calves at the end. These are big compound movements so you’ll be increasing functional strength and triggering all kinds of growth.


In total you’re going to perform this superset 10 times starting with 50 repetitions on the presses and 40 on the calves. From there you’re going to rest for 45 seconds, then go again aiming for ten lower with a slightly longer break afterwards.


The first five will look like this:


45 second rest


1 minute rest


1.5 minute rest


2 minute rest


Then work your way back up, performing 10/20 again then 20/10, 30/20, 40/30 and 50/40. Keep the rest period at 2 minutes or whatever you’re comfortable with and drop the weight if necessary to climb back up. This is called a pyramid set and it’s a great way to really max out every last muscle fibre to create the maximum possible microtears.


Abs: Weighted Decline Crunches to Failure

Kris performs crunches using a decline bench a light barbell. It should be light to avoid injury, but still heavy enough that you reach failure at around 20 repetitions. Kris emphasises here though that it’s not important to count repetitions, so much as you should be making repetitions count. In other words, you’re going to go to failure no matter how many reps that takes and if you do too many sit ups


In total you’re going to do five sets of these, keeping rest time to a minimum. The abs can be trained very quickly and effectively like this, but you must make sure that you’re putting in the effort and keeping up the intensity. This is the end of the workout so you’ll be tired, but you mustn’t let that become an excuse to start putting in less work.


Kris Grethin’s Shoulder High Repetition Workout

Kris Grethin’s is one of Bodybuilding.com’s biggest stars having demonstrated the fantastic ability to transform his body through his progress pictures.


Kris explains that one of the questions he receives most commonly from fans and followers, is why he recommends high repetitions so often when training. The answer, he says, is that the high volume combined with some lower repetitions enables him to train both types of muscle fibre. By playing with cadence you can involve both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle, and it’s by training both that you can ensure the maximum growth.


Listen to the man, he knows what he’s talking about!


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And to demonstrate, he’s concocted this mean shoulder workout for you to demonstrate what he means. It goes like this…


Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 2 warm ups, followed by 3 sets of 10-12

Using a smith machine is ideal when training with high volume and high weight, as it enables you to avoid losing form and causing an injury. Again, both are good, but the key is to mix things up. The regular shoulder press is an ideal compound movement for working all three deltoid heads and getting a pleasing hormone response. Use a bench and stay seated through the reps.


Smith Machine Shoulder Press (Behind the Neck)

Now using the same machine but switching behind the neck by pulling the bench forward. Don’t let the bar touch the shoulders and you’ll avoid injury. This will help to alter the angle of the weight and will engage the rear (posterior) deltoids more.


Machine Side Raises: 4 sets of 8-10

Side raises are fantastic for training the lateral deltoids which is the secret to building wide and imposing shoulders and that great V silhouette. If you have a side raise machine at your gym then this is a great way to really isolate the medial deltoids and increase the weight. If not, then you can always use dumbbells or cables to the same effect.


Smith Machine Shrugs: 3 sets of 18-20

Shrugs will hit you hard in your traps, which maybe count partly as back, but they sure do make your shoulders look bigger and the movement will engage the deltoids (particularly the anterior delts) too; so they make as much sense here as anywhere else. Kris keeps this movement short moving straight up and down rather than rounding out the shoulders as he goes. He also uses a strap to avoid being limited by his grip and endurance.


Machine Rear Raises: 7 sets of 15-17

Lastly we’re going to finish on rear raises, which is another name for reverse flyes. This will target the rear deltoids which too often get forgotten. Rear delts, similar to the traps, tend to respond very quickly to training and adding a high volume exercise like this at the end of your shoulder sessions will see you quickly build more rounded deltoids.


Remember, keep the intensity high through the whole thing and give it your all. In no time your shoulders and traps will be swollen to epic proportions.



A Killer ‘DTP’ Chest and Back Workout from Kris Gethins

What does ‘DTP’ stand for? Dramatic Transformation Principle. And if you like the sounds of that, then read on and you can start seeing some serious changes yourself…


The chest and back are two of the largest muscle groups in the upper body, which makes a serious chest and back workout a fantastic way to trigger that hormone response and accelerate growth.


Oh, and by the way, it’s probably not what you’re used to…


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The Idea

This workout is made up simply of four exercises. Each time you’re going to be training using two of those exercises in a superset fashion meaning that you’re moving straight from one to the next with no fashion. The pecs and back are effectively opposite muscle groups in terms of their function, so they work well when superset in this fashion.


Meanwhile the rep ranges are also going to be rather different. Here you are going to be starting on a high 30, moving down to 20, 10 and then two lots of 5. This ensures you engage every last muscle fibre and really trigger the maximum possible growth.


That’s for the first superset, while in for the latter you’re going to be doing the opposite, starting with two 5s then working up through sets of 10, 20 and 30. Those are drop sets and pyramid sets for a truly exhausting workout that will test your endurance and change up your metabolism.


The Moves

Incline Dumbbell Press Superset With Bent Over Lateral Rows


To start you will be using an incline press in order to work the upper chest and to slightly bring in the shoulders.


Pressing dumbbells meanwhile will allow you to really bring the arms back and to train with perfect symmetry so as not to let one arm work more than the other.


You are going to be super-setting this with bent-over lateral rows. For the bent over rows you’ll again be using dumbbells in a bilateral manner, bringing your elbows up by your sides all the way on each rep. Don’t be afraid to use a little momentum to see you through each repetition and remember to protect your back as you do.


Flat Press With Bent Over Rows (Arms to the Side)

Now you’re going to move on to presses on a flat bench. This will allow you to train the middle and lower portion of the chest more in order to avoid missing anything. For the start of the workout, use heavier weights and move down as you get towards the end and start training in higher volume.


You’ll notice that the second portion of this superset is once again a bent over row. The difference is that this time you’re bringing your elbows out so as to engage the traps as well in the movement as well as the posterior deltoids. This is all about form and making sure you really feel the muscles working that are meant to be working.


8 Minute Ab Workout Devised by Jamie Alderton

Everyone wants great abs, and if you’re a bodybuilder then the abs are what will really round out your physique and make you look ripped and healthy rather than just ‘hulking’. Unfortunately though abs are also one of the least enjoyable and most difficult muscle groups to train. That’s because you can’t ‘lift’ anything with them (unlike the arms) and it’s because training them can sometimes be uncomfortable and cause stomach pain.


Jamie Alderton from Team Grenade has the answer with an 8 minute workout for the abs that’s super-efficient and will provide you with adequate training even in this very short time frame.


Click Play the Video Below for this Incredible 8 Minute Ab Workout:

The Rules

How is this possible? Simple: the workout consists of only four exercises, but no rest…


Those four exercises are ‘half sits’, ‘leg raises’, ‘plank’ and ‘knee crunches’. Each one is to be performed for a total of thirty seconds following straight on from one another. Once you reach the end of one, you will go on immediately to start training the next. When you get to the end of the last exercise after two minutes, you simply carry on from the beginning again.


In total you’re going to perform each exercise four times, but the constant movement will ensure maximum time under tension, maximum microtears and ultimately maximum hypertrophy.


The Moves

To ensure you perform this correctly, let’s take a look at each of the exercises in detail.


Half Sits

Half sits are sit ups that you perform by getting into sit up position, but then just sitting up half way while keeping your arms straight to avoid helping yourself by generating momentum.


The great thing about half sits is that they force you to focus on the point of the movement that provides the most resistance. At the same time, you’ll be performing partial reps, which means you need to stop yourself mid movement, which itself requires power and control.


Leg Raises

For your leg raises you’re going to lie flat on your back and raise your legs up slightly. This is a great exercise for training the lower portion of the rectus abdominis which often gets overlooked.


Plank Position

Plank position is a crucial movement in this routine as it’s essentially your chance to rest and recover while still keeping the heat on and making the whole thing fast and intense. Plank position is great for training the transverse abdominis – the band of muscle that surrounds the rest of your core providing stability and helping to pull your abs in. Training this area will strengthen your core, support your posture and give you flatter abs.


Knee Crunches

Lastly you’re going to get into press up position and then raise your knees one at a time up to your elbows. Because these focus on one side at the time they’re great for involving the obliques which make this into a fantastic routine for hitting the whole core.

After eight minutes you’ll have no question in your mind that this is more than enough time to get a fantastic abs workout. Give it a go!


Neil Hill’s Back and Biceps Workout

The back and biceps make a great combination for a pull workout as there are many exercises that target both muscle groups at the same time. These include moves like the lat pull down, the chin up and rows of all kinds.

But while there are many exercises that will train both the biceps and the lats, there’s still an art to selecting the right ones that will complement each other nicely and which will really provide you with the challenge you need in order to stimulate growth. That’s exactly what this workout from Neil Hill will do.


Click Play the Video Below for this Amazing Workout:


Wide Grip Lat Pull Down

Warm up sets: 3-4

Sets: 3-4

Reps: 12-14

That’s a lot of reps and a lot of sets and that makes this right away into a killer workout for the lats. Neil recommends bouncing into the movement slightly in order to get a stretch, and stresses the importance of squeezing the working muscles as you repeat. He also recommends doing proper stretches before getting into the workout to avoid injury.

T-Bar Row (Rest Pause)

Warm up sets: 0

Sets: 2

Reps: 12-14

Still with relatively high repetitions and keeping the focus firmly on the lats, the t-bar row is once again to be performed while squeezing those lats and making sure to pull the weights all the way up.

Neil makes this even more challenging by incorporating a rest-pause. This means you need to hold the weight and pause with arms extended after every second rep. This will remove the momentum that can otherwise help you through the movement and it will give you an additional static hold to challenge your endurance.

Seated Cables Rows

Warm up sets: 0

Sets: 3

Reps: 12-14

Seated rows are another exercise that will really target the lats and after those last two sets, you’re really going to feel it. Contract and squeeze at the top.

As with the t-bar row there’s no need for warming up as the lats have already been working so much. Towards the end, really try leaning back into that movement and maybe incorporating a little rest-pause.

Back Pull Deadlift

Warm up sets: 0

Sets: 2

Reps: 12-14

The deadlift is a fantastic compound movement that will really trigger that hormonal response. Hre you will be resting the bar just above ground level to really focus on the latter portion of the movement. Use a challenging amount of weight (bearing in mind that wide rep range) and use a semi-bounce against the bars to keep up the momentum and the intensity.

Standing EZ Bar Curl

Warm up sets: 1

Sets: 3

Reps: 12-14

Now shifting focus to the biceps, use a short warm up set then get straight into this movement. Really focus that effort onto your biceps which should already be tired.

Standing Dumbbell Curls

Warm up sets: 0

Sets: 3

Reps: 12-14

Lastly you’re going to finish with some basic bicep curls. You should find at this point that your biceps are already exhausted, though feel free to adjust the weight and sets as necessary to really seal the deal.



Why Saturated Fats Are Good for Your HGH Levels

Conventional wisdom has long been telling us that saturated fats are no good for us. The word ‘fat’ of course comes with negative connotations and saturated fats are also known to be high in calories. Add in a link with high cholesterol and you have a few very good reasons to avoid putting saturated fat in your body.


Only it turns out that most of this information is wrong – and actually saturated fat is not only very good for us but also a very powerful tool for increasing HGH levels. Read on and we’ll look at why this is the case and why saturated fats should be an important part of any bodybuilder’s diet. If you’re currently eating your egg whites and throwing away the yolks… well then stop it.


saturated fatsSaturated Fat Isn’t Bad for You

The first thing to be aware of is the simple fact that saturated fat isn’t bad for you. Many of us think that it is, but in fact saturated fat has been shown in more recent studies to raise good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) rather than the bad stuff. Only trans fats negatively impact on cholesterol.


The other point to consider is that saturated fat doesn’t really contribute to weight gain. Although it’s high in calories, those calories take longer to get broken down by the body which means you end up with a slow and steady release of energy rather than a sudden spike leading to a surge of insulin and the fat storage.


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How Saturated Fat Helps Growth Hormone

So what has this all got to do with growth hormone? Well first of all, saturated fat can actually be used to aid with weight loss by satiating appetite in the long term. As body fat causes you to produce less testosterone and growth hormone this can be very helpful.


Furthermore, saturated fat will help you to make better use of the protein in your diet. That’s because it helps you to absorb the amino acids more efficiently which triggers the production of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor. If you are eating the egg white without the yolk then, you won’t be absorbing that protein as well as you otherwise would and you thus won’t be making as much use from it.


On top of all this, fats and cholesterol are actually used to create hormones – including anabolic hormones. They also support brain function (the brain is 60% fat) thereby helping you to feel more relaxed and to produce less cortisol and other stress hormones. Fat can even aid sleep which is when growth hormone production is at its highest and the pituitary glands are working the most.


All in all, more saturated fat in your diet will have the precise opposite effect as many people think it will. Rather than making you flabby and unhealthy it will help you to become leaner, healthier, more focussed and generally a much better bodybuilder/athlete all around. Stop throwing away that yolk!


Why Alcohol Will Damage Your HGH Production

Most of us enjoy a tipple every now and then. Whether you’re someone who likes to drink in the evening after work to cool down, or whether you just like to have a big night out every now and then, it’s hard for most of us to imagine living completely without alcohol.


That said though, if you’re a bodybuilder then you at least need to be aware of just how much damage you might be doing to yourself with your beer and wine. Alcohol is actually damaging for your health in more ways than you probably realise and in particular it can be devastating for your growth hormone and testosterone production. Read on and we’ll look at why bodybuilders need to be wary of their alcohol consumption and why it’s so disastrous when it comes to your HGH levels.


Demon in a Bottle

alcohol2The first thing that many bodybuilders and athletes should be aware of when drinking alcohol is that it’s very high calories and will lead to rapid weight gain. Now many weightlifters are under the false impression that it’s actually the drinks themselves that will make them fat – as in they presume it’s either the beer or the wine that is going to add the calories, or that it’s whatever else you’re drinking. They thus think that they can then stick to drinking spirits without sugar added and that they’ll be fine… but alas this isn’t the case.


In reality it’s actually the alcohol content itself that will trigger weight gain, meaning that there’s no drink you can enjoy without potentially gaining weight. And as you may know, weight gain results in lower production of both growth hormone and testosterone.


In the short term, alcohol will raise your blood sugar level (which causes a drop in growth hormone immediately) and it will dehydrate you.



More to the point, drinking alcohol will very severely damage your sleep. This is because it prevents you from reaching the deeper stages of sleep which are precisely the stages at which you begin to produce growth hormone. When you sleep after drinking alcohol in fact, you’ll find that you end up waking sporadically through the night (which results in weird dreams) meaning you never quite get to the stage where you should be rebuilding muscle and burning fat.


Furthermore, alcohol will also make you more likely to snore – and again this will impact negatively on your sleep and mean you don’t produce as much growth hormone.


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Energy Levels

Finally, as alcohol puts your body through the ringer to such an extent and also prevents you from properly sleeping, this then means you aren’t going to have the energy levels you should do the next day. In fact you’re probably going to find that you can barely stay awake after a night on the tiles, let alone have a full workout.


If you’re going to be drinking then for all these reasons you need to try and minimise the damage: that means drinking lots of water and eating lots of food, then staying up a little while before hitting the hay. Most importantly though it just means making sure not to overdo it!



The Top Foods That Reduce HGH levels

If you want to succeed as a bodybuilder then you need to understand the crucial role played by hormones. When it comes to body recomposition, hormones are a factor that are almost more important than diet. While what you eat will provide your body with the raw materials used to build muscle, it’s your hormone balance that will dictate whether or not it actually uses those proteins to do so.


Fortunately your hormones can be controlled via your diet as well, and once you understand this you can start raising your testosterone and HGH levels in order to put your body in an anabolic, muscle building state for maximum results.


But controlling your hormones with diet doesn’t just mean seeking out those foods that can improve HGH – it also means avoiding those foods that can reduce it. Here we will look at some of the top foods that damage your GH levels and that you should try to avoid in your diet.



Caffeine also prevents you from maximising your growth hormone levels because it works up your body and puts you in a more catabolic state full of adrenaline. This is great for focussing at work, but it’s not great for packing on muscle. The solution is not to cut out caffeine entirely, but to just time it better. You want it early in the morning to get you ready for a day of work, but you don’t want it when you’re about to go to sleep.


Acidic Foods

Again things like apples aren’t bad for you in general – in fact the vitamin C and fibre content are pretty good for your hormone levels. Again what’s important is the timing of eating these foods, and in particular you need to avoid eating them right before bed – as they may cause acid reflux and seriously damage your sleep as a result.


Spicy Foods

See above: spicy foods can play havoc with your sleep as well as with your heartrate. It’s like inviting acid reflux and downing a big mug of coffee before bed.



The number one opponent of growth hormone is alcohol. Not only does it dehydrate you, sap your energy and fill you with calories, but it also prevents you sleeping properly leading to limited GH production during the night.


Ready Meals

Ready meals are one of the worst things you can eat for a number of reasons. That’s because typically they will be full of added sugar, added salt and added transfats all designed to keep them from going off and to add flavour (because they’d taste incredibly bland without them). Not only do they lack any useful nutrients your body can utilise, but they also clog up your arteries, damage your skin, ruin your sleep and deplete your growth hormone levels.



Any fast carb is a big no-no when it comes to bodybuilding hormones. The reason for that is that fast carbs result in a sudden ‘peak’ in blood sugar level. This then causes your body to change to a catabolic state, halting the production of growth hormone and increasing production of insulin. This is what leads to weight gain which ultimately will reduce your growth hormone even more. While there are plenty of bad carbs, we tend to eat a ton of bread without giving it much thought which severely damages our bodybuilding gains. Try swapping to a low GI carb source like pumpernickel bread instead!


Boost Your HGH with the Best HGH Supplements

If you are serious about increasing your growth hormone production, you can try natural growth hormone or HGH supplements. Such supplements are a big hit with bodybuilders since they not only elevate HGH levels but also boost testosterone production in your body. Some of the finest brands of HGH supplements have been developed with input from IFBB professional bodybuilders and yield excellent results, while being safe at the same time.


The Top Foods for Stimulating IGF1 Release

IGF1 is thought by many to be a highly important chemical in ensuring the optimum gains in bodybuilding. Like growth hormone and testosterone it is implicated in the process of building bigger muscle and aiding weight loss to help you achieve the bodybuilding physique you’re possibly aiming for.


Unfortunately though, it’s also important to bear in mind that IGF1 could have detrimental effects to overall health. IGF1 can actually reduce the production of growth hormone for instance, and is dangerous if you have ‘precancerous’ cells. It’s been shown that reducing intake of IGF1 in mice can help them to live longer. It’s a complex interplay of hormones that contributes to anabolic effects and to the ageing process and this isn’t fully understood yet. No need to completely cut out IGF1 just yet then, but do be careful and keep your eyes peeled for further research on the matter. It may be that there’s a ‘Faustian bargain’ as Tim Ferriss puts it – are you willing to sacrifice longevity for increased performance in the here and now?


Whatever you decide, here are some foods that may help you to increase your production of IGF1…



Milk is one of the very best sources of IGF1 out there and this is one of the reasons (along with the protein and saturated fat) that it’s such a popular choice for ‘hard gainers’ as a way to gain mass and definition. ‘GOMAD’ stands for ‘a Gallon Of Milk A Day’ and is a popular strategy for putting on size. What’s the very best milk for increased IGF1? Milk from cows treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). And make sure you go for whole fat rather than skimmed.



Cereal might also be a good way to improve your IGF1. Not only is cereal a great excuse to have more milk, but it is also often fortified with various different minerals and vitamins. In particular, cereal often has added vitamin D, which has been shown to be tied closely to both IGF1 and HGH. You can also get IGF1 from some fruit drinks, but they’re high in sugar. The best way to naturally increase vitamin D is just to spend more time outdoors.



Any protein source will also increase your production of IGF1, so the more meat you eat the more anabolic your body will become. If you want to increase your production of IGF1 then steak is a particularly good source that will also increase your levels of testosterone and providing lots of amino acids. Other great protein sources include eggs which are notable for containing all of the amino acids, and things like chicken or tuna which are also highly lean.



So what’s the advice? Well that would probably be to keep eating lots of protein and drinking lots of milk while getting your vitamin D from the sun. You can also use Natural HGH Supplements to boost HGH production in your body. Such supplements are safe and free of negative side effects. They are made with natural ingredients like Bovine Colostrum, L-arginine, L-glutamine etc. and are quite popular with bodybuilders.