Sustanon for Bodybuilders- What it is and the Benefits

Sustanon is an injectable steroid that is a derivative of testosterone as it naturally occurs in men. What this effectively means is that it can be used to increase the amount of testosterone in the body simply by giving the body the raw materials it needs. Usually Sustanon is used to build a kind of ‘repository’ of testosterone that the body can then use as it needs it.


There are actually two types of Sustanon. One is a ‘blend’ of different types of four types of testosterone, while the other is a blend of three types. By raising testosterone directly, this substance increases the body’s natural supply of the anabolic hormone which in turn results in increased muscle mass, fat burning, drive and determination.


Effects and Risks

Sustanon is a very ‘direct’ way of increasing testosterone in the body as it literally involves injecting a substance that is created naturally in the testes.


The most common use of Sustanon is actually not as a performance enhancing drug but rather as a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In other words, it is used to increase testosterone in men who have low natural levels.


This does give it a particular use for bodybuilders however – with the most common being to fix imbalances as they are caused by the use of other steroids. Using other steroids that increase testosterone in unnatural ways actually often causes the body to produce less testosterone naturally as a way to ‘counteract’ what it sees as an unnatural imbalance. In other words, the body sees that you have lots of free testosterone in your system and thus stops producing more. This can then lead to many bodybuilders suffering from low testosterone levels if they abuse steroids and don’t take proper precautions. Using Sustanon gives them a useful way to increase these levels back to normal.


Sustanon can also be used directly to increase muscle mass and to burn fat however. In large quantities it can increase the amount of testosterone to a level that increases anabolism and often it will be used alongside other steroids in order to enhance the benefits. Some athletes will also use it only when recovering to help after a long run or a particularly heavy bout of training.


Ironically, Sustanon itself can also lead to imbalances in testosterone and thus increase the need for HRT itself. Likewise, it can also create liver problems, heart problems and cause acne and hair loss. What’s more, Sustanon is taken via syringe which creates a number of potential risks.


The Safer Alternative

There are many benefits to being able to acutely raise testosterone following intense training sessions, to aid with muscle building or even to supplement the use of another substance. However, using Sustanon is not a safe or smart way to do this (unless recommended by your doctor).


Instead then, consider the use of Testosterone Max from Crazy Mass. This is a substance that can raise the body’s natural levels of testosterone via a blend of minerals, vitamins and herbs. By increasing the body’s own natural production of testosterone, oral this helps to sidestep all of the risks associated with injecting testosterone directly. The result is elevated muscle mass and fat burning without acne, hair loss or liver damage.


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How to EASILY Increase DHT Through Your Diet

DHT is ‘dihydrotestosterone’ and you can think of it as essentially being testosterone’s bigger, badder, older brother. It’s even more androgenic and it can lead to a lot of extra muscle mass. Raise this substance in your body and you will see impressive gains as a result.


Before we continue though, it’s first worth noting that dihydrotestosterone is not without controversy. There is some concern that it can lead to prostate cancer in higher quantities for instance, though studies don’t really back up this concern. The potential side effects of DHT are not something we’re going to cover in this particular article but most bodybuilders raise their DHT to dramatic degrees without side effects. Still, if you’re concerned, do some research on the matter.


Without further ado, here’s how you can raise your DHT levels through some easy diet changes…


Get More Fat in You

The right kind of course! Far from being ‘the enemy’ that it was once portrayed to be, dietary fat actually has a lot of very important functions in the body – one of which is to raise testosterone and DHT. This is because anabolic hormones are actually made from the good HDL cholesterol found in these fats.


Increase Your Carbohydrates

This won’t sit easily with a lot of people following paleo diets and low carb diets, but studies show that we do need carbs in order to produce T and DHT. In fact, if you’ve been relying on protein entirely to create testosterone then you may have gotten it twisted.


A calorie deficit is one of the surest ways to drop your T levels. And seeing as protein doesn’t add much in terms of calories compared with fat and carbs, this is a problem. What’s more, protein creates an increase in insulin-like growth factor which may actually interfere with testosterone production.


Don’t throw out that protein shake just yet – protein is still absolutely essential for building muscle. Just don’t rely on it to up your testosterone too. You still need dem carbs!


Eat Organic

Eating organic foods can give you a boost in all kinds of anabolic hormones and they do tend to a) be more nutritious and b) have fewer pesticides when compared with non-organic. And when it comes to steak, you need to ensure you are definitely eating grass-fed.


Avoid Testosterone Killers

Increasing DHT isn’t just about getting more testosterone, it’s also about decreasing estrogen which stands opposed to your male anabolism. You want to avoid soy protein for instance because it increases estrogen and at the same time you should avoid other phytoestrogens that will make your testosterone take a hit. This means not eating out of Tupperware and other plastic containers, it means avoiding beer (due to the hops), staying away from licorice and filtering your water before drinking it (it contains tons of female hormones).


Do all these things and you should start to notice an increase in T and DHT. The result will be increased muscle growth and fat loss.


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How Do Vitamin A and Carotenoids Increase Testosterone Production

If you want to see increased muscle mass, better energy levels, more efficient weight loss and generally improved performance across the board, then you absolutely need to ensure you are eating a nutritious and balanced diet.


In other words, getting your vitamins and minerals is absolutely key to your recovery as well as your gains. You’ve probably read countless articles on how magnesium, zinc, coQ10, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin C, calcium, nitric oxide, creatine… and the rest are great for your body. You may then have decided you needed to add about 100 pots of pills to your morning regimen.


But guess what? You can get all of those things from your diet in all the right ratios. You just need to be eating more of all that good stuff that your Mum used to make you eat before you could leave the table.


A great example of this is vitamin A – which is actually not a single compound but multiple molecules including retinal, retinol, retinoic acids, B-carotene, lutein, lycopene and more.


Lutein has recently been found to be excellent for boosting energy and drive and for increasing weight loss. But what vitamin A also does is to increase testosterone levels.


How Vitamin A and Testosterone Are Linked

Vitamin A is found in the testicular sertoli cells in retinal form and can be converted to retinoic acid (which is more biologically active) as needed. When there’s no vitamin A inside the testicles, testosterone levels drop rapidly (according to studies on rats and mice). At the same time, this increases estrogen levels.


At the same time, if you have a deficiency in vitamin A, then you won’t be able to properly utilize dietary fats. Now we’ve talked about the critical role of dietary fats in testosterone production multiple times. Just to recap though: dietary fat is critical for testosterone levels because the body uses good cholesterol (found in those fats) in order to create the steroid hormones.


This is why ‘G.O.M.A.D.’ is such a popular technique for hard gainers. This involves drinking a ‘Gallon Of Milk A Day’ and has been compared to using steroids in terms of its effectiveness! Why? Because milk contains a lot of protein (this is where both casein and whey actually come from) but also because it raises testosterone via the increase in fat (you need to be drinking whole milk).


But you can drink all the milk you like. If you aren’t getting vitamin A, then you won’t be able to absorb that fat and you won’t get the benefits. What’s more, vitamin A is used to synthesize a substance called transferrin which is used to transport the cholesterol for use.



The connection between vitamin A and testosterone is not a direct one and nor is it full understood. However, it helps to modulate testosterone levels in a variety of different ways and multiple studies do show without a doubt that lowered vitamin A levels lead to lowered T.


So that’s just one more reason to eat a nutrient dense diet!


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Dianabol Dosages and Effects

Dianabol, or ‘Dbol’ as it’s popularly known, is one of the most widely used and available anabolic steroids on the market. This is a substance that can drastically increase your testosterone levels and thus give you massively improved muscle gains and weight loss for a hard and powerful physique.


What’s more, it can also be taken orally which right away removes many of the negatives of having to inject yourself regularly which is unpleasant, painful and leaves scars. This is because the 17a-methylation of the steroid can pass through the body intact.


Side Effects

But just because dianabol doesn’t involve injections necessarily, that doesn’t make it ‘safe’ as such. Taking steroids orally places even more of a strain on the liver and at the same time, you can still get many other side effects including gynecomastia (the development of breasts), water retention, heart problems and an imbalance in natural testosterone production requiring HRT.,


This is why it’s so important to get the dosage right or – better yet – to use a safer alternative such as Dianobal from Crazy Mass.


Potency and Dosage

Undeniably, dianabol is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market and using it will lead to a rapid increase in muscle mass and fat loss. While this is good news for those looking to build big muscle, it’s bad news when it comes to trying to avoid the associated side effects.


There is some confusion when it comes to dianabol versus anadrol. Here, some people believe anadrol is actually stronger. This isn’t the case – it’s simply that people tend to take a larger dosage of anadrol leading to more impressive results.


Dbol dosage should be kept low to avoid obvious side effects and strain on your body. A dosage of 10mg daily of dianabol will be more than enough in most cases to help replace androgen and increase recovery from those intense workouts. If you want real anabolic effects then you can up this to 20mg as a newbie and perhaps 25mg if you’re confident and you’ve been using steroids for a while.


If you increase beyond this point though, then you’re looking at ‘diminishing returns’ as far as your muscle mass gains go compared with the unwanted side effects. Some people will increase all the way up to 50mg a day but this is frankly reckless and dangerous – leave it to the professional bodybuilders. Some go beyond this point even more but that’s not something you want to even consider.


How to Safely Get the Benefits of Dianabol

20mg is what you need then to see impressive results and many will go beyond this point too. There’s just one downside – this is also enough to start introducing the negative results and putting your health at risk.


There is a solution though. Use Dianobal from Crazy Mass as an alternative and you’ll be using naturally occurring herbs and nutrients to increase your testosterone production rather than unnatural means. The result? Increased testosterone and muscle mass with none of the side effects!


Avoid These Rotator Cuff Mistakes That Could Put You Out of Action


Few things are as frustrating to a bodybuilder as an injury. When you’re injured as a bodybuilder you need to take time out of your training. That in turn means you lose muscle mass and gains – but if you try to jump back in to your training too soon, then you will only set your recovery back and thus take even longer to heal completely.


This is why bodybuilders need to ensure they’re careful when using any exercise that will place strain on particularly weak areas. And one of the biggest examples such areas is the rotator cuff. Your rotator cuffs are what internally and externally rotate the shoulders and it’s crucial to build these up in order to support the shoulders through other movements. What’s more, it’s crucial to ensure you have balance between the two movements or you will end up with shoulder pain from working out. And bench pressing, doing press-ups or doing shoulder presses is rather difficult when your shoulders are completely out of action.


Here then we will look at some of the biggest rotator cuff mistakes that are leaving you vulnerable to shoulder injuries.


Mistake #1 – Ignoring the Rotator Cuffs

A lot of people don’t think about their rotator cuffs, don’t know how to train them and let them become weak and atrophied as a result. To train your rotator cuff, stand holding a cable (so that it is at elbow height) with your elbow tucked in and your arm at 90 degrees. Now, rotate the cable outwards pulling it away from you, or stand further away (and facing the opposite direction) and pull it inwards. These two moves will target the external and internal rotations respectively.


Mistake #2 – Floating the Elbow

When performing the exercise described above, you might find your elbow slowly raising and moving away from your side. If that happens, then you’re turning the exercise into a multi-joint movement and you’re lessening the involvement of your rotator cuff. Now you have much more of a side lateral raise.


To get the movement right, try pinning a towel to your body with your elbow. If you raise the elbow, the towel will drop and you’ll know you’ve made a mistake.


Mistake #3 – Rounded Shoulders

If you are in bad posture with your shoulders rounded, then you’re limiting your shoulder’s range of movement. Stand up straight with your shoulders resting comfortably back and your shoulder blades down. This will give you easier freedom of movement in your shoulder allowing you to target the rotator cuffs much more easily.


Mistake #4 – Creating Imbalance

If you create an imbalance such that you are training the internal rotation much more than the external rotation then you’ll increase your likelihood of injury as well as damaging your technique and posture. Try to look at your routine and all the exercises you’re using and see if you’re accidentally hitting one rotation more than the other. Simply adding the two rotator exercises will go a long way to improving the situation.


Anavar for Women? – Benefits, Side Effects and Alternatives

Often the assumption is that steroids are for men and men alone. Seeing as steroids work variously by increasing testosterone and DHT – and as those are the male hormones – it makes sense to conclude that women wouldn’t want to go near the stuff.


Steroids have a number of serious side effects for men which make them dangerous. This is why the majority of people shouldn’t consider using them and should look instead at safer alternatives such as Paravar (from Crazy Mass).


But many bodybuilders do still opt to use steroids for their impressive effects. And just like male bodybuilders, female bodybuilders will often be looking for any way they can get an ‘edge’ that will help them to increase their muscle mass and burn fat.


And in fact, raising testosterone via steroids makes a lot of sense in this regard. After all, testosterone levels are 90% of the reason that men are naturally stronger and more muscular than women. Can a steroid offer a viable way for women to ‘level the playing field’ as it were?


What is Anavar?

Anavar is an effective steroid that contains a substance called dehydropiandrosterone. This substance is made from DHT and as such it can help to provide the impressive anabolic advantages that you get from DHT. These include not only enhanced musculature but also increased fat burning (making anavar very popular for fat burning). Anavar is great for increasing your metabolism and that helps to create lean muscle mass.


Unfortunately, anavar is also dangerous in various ways – in particular it is toxic for the liver and could lead to liver failure in the long term. The potential side effects for women also include the risk of developing masculine traits such as hair in unwanted places, a deeper voice and more male physique.


Women will usually use a slightly different version of anavar called oxandrolone. This is an anabolic steroid that is particularly safe for women and that has a lower chance of side effects. That said oxandrolone – the ‘girl steroid’ – can still lead to virilization such as deepened voice, clitoral enlargement and body hair.


Anavar in the form of oxandrolone the ‘safest’ form of steroid for women but that certainly does not make it ‘safe’.


A Safe Alternative

What is safe though is to use a steroid alternative. One of the best of these is the excellent Paravar from Crazy Mass. This is a supplement that utilizes an intelligent blend of herbs, nutrients and more intended to mimic the effects of anavar.


Paravar uses its ingredients in order to promote the body’s own production of testosterone and this is where it differs from steroids. Because the body is producing the hormones itself, this leaves no risk of liver toxicity – it’s made entirely from things you could get in your diet!


What’s more, because the body is raising the levels of testosterone itself it will also raise levels of other hormones – like estrogen – in accord. This way, you maintain a healthy ratio and this helps you to avoid negative side effects such as virilization. It’s the perfect answer for women looking to get male like anabolism safely!


A Hanging Ab Workout That Will Give You Nightmares

If you want to get an amazing ripped six pack, then it’s not enough to just go through the motions with your abs training. Too many guys workout their abs simply by doing sets of 50 sit-ups – which isn’t enough to get them out of breath let alone give them any ab burn…


The point is though, your abs need a challenge if they’re going to grow – just like every other muscle group. That in turn means you should be hitting them hard with exercises that are actually difficult and with very little rest in between.


This abs routine does just that. It comes from Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X who actually in turn learned the workout from a boxing trainer in NYC. He was given this workout to go through when he was training a client and describes how it ‘still gives him nightmares’.


Get ready to lose some sleep…


What You Will Need

This ab workout involves a ton of different hanging movements such as leg raises and variations. As such, unless you have a grip of steel and isometric bicep strength like no one else, it will be useful to get yourself a captain’s chair or to use one in the gym. This way you can perform hanging raises without tiring out before your abs have gotten the full workout.


The Routine

10 x Straight Leg Raises


10 x Weighted Knee Raises (with a medicine ball between the knees/a dumbbell between the feet)


20 x Hanging Ab Scissors


20 x Side Bar Bangers (bring your knees up, move them to the side, lower them and then repeat in the opposite direction)


10 x Straight Leg Raises (yup, again!)


5 x Weighted Knee Raises (you’ll be feeling it at this point)


Static Knee Raise (isometric hold lasting 20 seconds)


And here’s the thing…


After a one minute rest… you’re going to do it again!


Why it Works

It’s not enough to just torture yourself, you also need to think about why specific workouts are so effective. Here of course, we have a routine that is incredibly intense and that really pushes you to your maximum. This right away is enough to get your abs to really burn – abs that have likely become a little complacent from your normal routines.


Because these are all hanging exercises, you will be targeting the lower abs in particular. This is important because the lower abs are often missed out. At the same time, the use of weighted knee raises will add some resistance to your ab workout. This is something that you can benefit from greatly and that is missing from a vast majority of ab workouts.


Finally, the side bar bangers (thus called because your knees will hit the handles of the captain’s chair) will make sure your obliques are getting trained too for a well-rounded mid section.


Give it a go and feel the difference and the burn. But don’t rely on using this workout all the time, these sorts of routines are great for ‘shocking’ the muscles into action. Save this for when you really want those abs to burn…



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Is Soy Protein Good for Bodybuilders

Let’s start this article with a big spoiler…


No, soy protein isn’t much good for bodybuilders at all.


With that out of the way, let’s break down exactly why you shouldn’t waste your money on this less efficient form of protein powder.


What is Soy?

Soy protein is a protein powder that works in principle just like whey protein. The big difference though is that soy is made from soy beans, whereas whey is made from whey (which is extracted from milk). This makes soy protein popular with vegans because they can consume it without breaking their diet.


But the problem with soy is that it really isn’t very good. Recent research is suggesting that perhaps it does have some merits under particular circumstances (which certain crowds are running with) but overall it’s by far the inferior product.


The Problem With Soy

Soy has many problems. To start with, soy protein is less biologically available which means your body can use less of it. Whey has a ‘BV’ value of 104, whereas soy’s is only 74. This means that you can eat the same amount of soy as whey but your body will be able to ‘use’ more of the whey.


To understand why this discrepancy exists, we should look at the difference between the two types of protein. On the one hand, whey comes from an animal source, which means that it’s designed for animals. The amino acid profile thus contains more IAAS (indispensable amino acids) versus DAAs (dispensable amino acids).


Essentially when you eat any type of protein, it is going to be recycled in your body into muscle and other tissue. Eating animal proteins makes more sense for the body because the state it’s in is already more similar to that of our own amino acids.


And it gets worse. You see, soy is also full of what are called ‘anti-nutrients’. These are pretty much like they sound: substances that have undesirable effects on the body such as blocking the absorption of the nutrients we do want into the body.


And soy is rich in estrogenic compounds like genistein and diadzein. These raise estrogen and lower testosterone ultimately resulting in less lean muscle mass, less drive and less libido. Oh dear.


In Defense of Soy

Of course there are two sides of every argument. Some people will tell you for instance that soy companies are now able to remove the anti-nutrients, which is likely true to an extent. At the same time, soy does seem to have the benefit of raising thyroid hormones which may make it useful for fat burning.


But the effects on T3, T4 and TSH are minimal and shown only in controlled laboratory experiments. In other words, it’s unlikely to have a notable effect on your weight loss – you’re much better off with a conventional fat burner.


The moral of the story? People will spin any story to support what they want to believe. But we’re not bashing vegetarians here: just stating the facts. Soy protein isn’t as good as whey protein and it may even be detrimental to your gains. It’s that simple. Why do you think professional athletes and bodybuilders choose whey over soy? It’s not for giggles!


Why Partial Reps Are Perfect for Rapid Gains

While bodybuilders have gotten bigger and bigger in recent years, most of us would agree that it was the golden era athletes who truly had the most desirable physiques. These guys still had mass no doubt – Arnie wasn’t exactly small – but they also had flat stomachs with excellent vacuums and weren’t on half the amount of performance enhancing steroids that modern competitors are using. While Dorian Yates and beyond are ‘mass monsters’ that most of us could never hope to emulate, the physiques of guys like Arnie, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva and the rest are attainable and highly inspiring as a result.


And to get a body like them, you need to train like them. That means utilizing the ‘Joe Weider Intensity Principles’ and one of the best of those is the partial rep – a brilliant tool for increasing the intensity of your workouts and really accelerating your gains.


What Are Partial Reps?

So what precisely are partial reps? As the name suggests, these are repetitions where you perform only a portion of the range of motion. That might mean training just the top portion of the movement, just the middle, or just the bottom.


One of the best examples of using a partial rep is the infamous ’21s’. 21s are a technique where you grab a barbell and get ready to do curls – 21 in total for a single set. Here though, you’re going to divide the repetitions into three portions. For seven reps you will curl at the top of the movement, for seven reps you will curl at the middle and for the last seven you will curl at the bottom.


Why does this get results? Well, not only does it focus intently on a specific portion of your ROM thus helping to create more laser-focus definition but it also forces you to stop the weight in its tracks, essentially eliminating the momentum that’s helping you and introducing a slight isometric hold.


More Powerful Ways to Use Partials

Another way to use partial reps is to train only the most difficult potion of a movement. In the case of something like a lateral raise for instance, this would mean training only the top where the arm is perpendicular to the force of gravity (horizontal). If you don’t go all the way down, you’ll increase your time under max tension and you’ll be forced to lift against momentum.


This shouldn’t be the only way you train any muscle group as it doesn’t train the whole range of motion. But as a way to increase intensity for a while, it’s great and demonstrates another way you can increase intensity without necessarily increasing the weight or even the volume.


Another strategy is to use something I like to call ’28s’. 28s are like 21s except you’re going to add 7 reps of normal curls/raises/whatever at the end. So once you’ve targeted each area of the muscle, you’re then going to complete as many forced reps through the full range of motion as possible. Let the pain commence!


The Most Important Micronutrients for Bodybuilders

There is much more to bodybuilding nutrition than simply ‘eating lots of protein’. What’s also highly important is to make sure that you’re getting carbs for energy, fats for protein absorption and brain health, fiber for circulation…


And it goes further than that too. What’s also highly important is to make sure you’re consuming enough micronutrients – meaning you need to pay attention to things like vitamins and minerals and even things like omega 3 fatty acid and CoQ10. This is where it gets a little more complicated but it’s really worth putting the time in once you know how impressive the benefits are.


Why Micronutrients Matter

At the end of the day, a lot of the supplements we take are in fact just substitutes for things that should always have been in our diet to start with. ZMA for instance is a bodybuilding supplement and guess what it contains? Zinc and magnesium! These are minerals that you could get from your diet pretty easily if only you’d eat the right things. The same goes for the very expensive Coenzyme Q10 for cellular energy – did you know you could get it from your beef? If you eat the right balanced diet and you focus on micronutrients, then you can essentially get the same effects as though you were eating a ton of supplements.


The Most Important Micronutrients

With that in mind then, what are the most important micronutrients that bodybuilders should be focusing on? Here we will look at some of the best:

Vitamin C – You may remember being made to eat vitamin C tablets when you were a kid and this has given vitamin C a bad rep as a ‘boring’ nutrient for many of us. Turns out that Mum was onto something though – vitamin C is great for the immune system as a powerful antioxidant and that means it can help to prevent all kinds of illnesses. Any bodybuilder knows just how much of a setback a cold can be for their training, so getting plenty of vitamin C is crucial.


Vitamin D – Vitamin D mainly comes from the sun rather than from our diets, though you can also get some from eating eggs. It also happens to be absolutely crucial for bodybuilders seeing as it plays a key role in regulating hormones and strengthening the bones.


Omega 3 Fatty Acid – Omega 3 fatty acid can increase your strength and performance in the gym by strengthening your central nervous system. It does this in turn by improving cell membrane permeability, thus enabling cells to communicate more efficiently.


Magnesium – Apart from being essential for brain health, magnesium is also critical for energy production in the body as well as for sleep, treating inflammation and aiding testosterone production. Athletes need extra magnesium because it gets lost when we sweat!


Zinc – Zinc is highly important for muscle growth too, as well as for brain function, mood and once again – testosterone production. Like magnesium, it’s often lost through sweat so it’s a good idea for bodybuilders to supplement.


Calcium – Calcium has been shown in studies to aid the power of muscle contractions and is also important for strengthening bones. It’s very important that bodybuilders ensure their bones are able to keep up with muscular strength increases as otherwise they may be inviting a fracture.