20 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is about the most potent hormone there is for any bodybuilder looking to improve their gains and build a stronger, bulkier and leaner body. It is testosterone that signals our bodies to build muscle and to burn fat, and this not only results in a more powerful physique but also better performance and recovery.

If you don’t believe in the benefits of testosterone, then all you need to do is look at any bodybuilder who has used steroids. The whole point of steroids is to mimic the effects of testosterone by binding to the androgen receptors in the same way.

20 ways to boost testosterone naturally

Try to keep up with a bodybuilder in the gym who is using steroids and you’re going to be left trailing (assuming they also have the right routine and diet).

Unfortunately, steroids including Sustanon 350, have a number of very serious side effects, are illegal, and are banned from most competitions. Unless you want to deal with baldness, acne, impotence and liver disease you should steer well clear of any synthetic hormones of this nature.

Fortunately, though there are plenty of methods you can use to boost testosterone naturally. When used together, these techniques will safely increase your anabolism to the point where you’ll see huge differences in your muscle gains and fat loss, as well as in your drive, recovery and performance.

The only difference is that you won’t risk any negative side effects: you’ll have simply transformed your body into a more powerful and efficient version of itself that will lead to naturally increased anabolism and muscle growth.

What’s that? You’d like to know what those techniques are? You only had to ask…

20 Techniques to Boost Testosterone Naturally

 1. Strength Training

20 ways to boost testosterone naturallyIf you’re looking to boost your testosterone, then there’s a good chance you’re a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders stand to gain the most from increased muscle development, strength gains and fat loss.

In that case then, you’re also probably already doing the very best thing you can for increased testosterone production: which is strength training.

When you work out you put your body into an ‘anabolic’ state, which means that you’ll produce extra testosterone and growth hormone and make better use of the protein in your system. Stress on the muscles essentially signals to your body that damage has been done, and that you need to go into a ‘repair mode’ and this in turn results in the production of all the hormones needed for growth and repair.

This is also why the ‘anabolic window’ after training is such a good time to get extra protein in your system.

2 Add Protein to Your Diet

proteinEating protein similarly sends a signal to your body telling it to produce more testosterone. This is because testosterone is used in the synthesis of protein which is required to turn it into muscle.

Eat protein and your body knows it has raw materials to make into muscle, which again tells it you should be producing more testosterone. Eating extra protein will also result in an increase of ‘insulin-like growth factor’ also known as IGF1 and also responsible for added muscle building.

Again the good news is that you’re probably already getting lots of protein as a bodybuilder.

Moreover, you must include foods that are rich in l-arginine to help boost testosterone in your body.

3 Add Cholesterol to Your Diet

High Density Lipoprotein, or HDL cholesterol, is the ‘good’ type of cholesterol and can be found in sources like red meat, milk, eggs etc. This is also something you want to be getting in your diet as a bodybuilder looking to raise testosterone because cholesterol is actually what the body uses to synthesise testosterone.

eggsThis is one of the reasons that ‘GOMAD’ is so popular. GOMAD stands for ‘a Gallon Of Milk A Day’ and is a strategy recommended to ‘hard gainers’ (ectomorphs).

Drinking a gallon of full fat milk provides the body with enough protein and cholesterol to kick it into anabolic overdrive and some say that this is as effective as using steroids for beginners (this much full fat milk is not recommended in the long term though – a couple of eggs a day should do the trick for the average bodybuilder).

Studies show that adding extra more cholesterol to your diet in this way does not generally raise cholesterol in the blood to a significant degree.

4 Consuming Cholesterol/Protein Before Bed

milkThe synthesis of sex hormones happens during the night, so drinking some full-fat milk right before bed is a fantastic way to increase your testosterone levels and you should notice the difference first thing in the morning.

Milk also has the added advantage of increasing melatonin so that you get a better night’s sleep, but really any cholesterol source will do the trick.

First thing in the morning you should notice that your testosterone levels are at their highest(morning wood or hard erections that you wake up with are a clear signal of high testosterone levels), which is why this is such a good time for a little intimacy with a partner too…

5 Consume Zinc, Magnesium and Other Crucial Mineral

spinachOther compounds in your diet will also make a big difference to your testosterone levels. Zinc and magnesium for instance are two minerals that are required for the production of testosterone, which is actually precisely how the popular testosterone supplement ZMA works.

Many other nutrients also play a role in testosterone levels and anabolism generally. Spinach for instance contains something called ‘phytoecdysteroids’ which could possibly have profound anabolic effects when consumed in the right quantities.

6 Use Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a popular form of dieting at the moment which involves eating normally for several days of the week (typically five) and fasting for the remainder.

During this fast you still eat, but only around 500 calories. What this does is to force the body to turn to stored fat for energy, which is a process that utilises growth hormone and testosterone.

As such, this strategy can increase anabolic hormones as well as having a range of other potential benefits and potential side effects. A recent study revealed that fasting for 24 hours can boost your HGH levels by an astounding 200%!

overtraining7 Avoid Overtraining

Naturally increasing testosterone levels isn’t all about adding things to your diet and your routine, it’s also about avoiding certain factors and elements.

One good example of this is overtraining: while working out is important for your testosterone levels, overdoing it can place too much stress on your body which can cripple testosterone production and recovery from working out while raising levels of testosterone’s worst enemy: cortisol.

Listen to your body, and make sure you’re getting adequate rest alongside your training.

8 Reduce Stress

meditateAs mentioned, cortisol is the natural enemy of testosterone. That’s because elevated levels of cortisol will naturally result in lowered levels of testosterone.

Cortisol as you may know is the ‘stress hormone’, so the best way to keep levels low is to avoid stress.

This can mean making smart choices with regards to your lifestyle, but it can also mean using techniques such as meditation and cognitive restructuring in order to help yourself deal with stressful situations and return to a state of calm.

9 Lose Weight

While building muscle will cause your body to naturally increase testosterone levels, building fat can lead to increased cortisol and have the precise opposite effect on testosterone. If you are overweight, then any attempt to build muscle should begin with a cardiovascular routine.

sunlight10 Get Sunlight

Sunlight increases the production of vitamin D in our bodies, and many studies have shown that there’s a link between higher levels of vitamin D and higher levels of testosterone.

You can increase your vitamin D levels by supplementing, but seeing as time spent outdoors can also help lower stress, this is definitely the optimal way to achieve those increased levels.

Move your morning workout outdoors and you’ll see great benefits.

11 Avoid Beer

Many people think of beer as being manly, but in fact it has been shown to lower testosterone production.

Furthermore, beer contains a lot of sugar which is also one of the most damaging substances in terms of T levels. A little won’t hurt, but if you drink beer every evening after work, that’s a habit to consider cutting out.

sleep12 Ensure Good Sleep

As previously mentioned, we produce most of our testosterone while we sleep.

As it happens this is also when we produce most of our growth hormone. And seeing as sleep is crucial for our mood, for our energy levels and for our recovery, it makes a lot of sense to make sure you’re getting enough of it and that it is of a high enough quality.

Stick to 8 hours of sleep as a guideline. Switch off all kind of distractions such as your TV, iphone, ipad etc. when you hit the sack.

13 Squat – And Use Other Compound Strength Training

squatsWe’ve already covered the importance of weight training for building testosterone, but if you want to maximise the effect of that then you need to be doing the right kind of training. And the right kind of training is any compound movement that uses all the muscles together.

That’s because the more muscles you are recruiting, the more your body knows it’s going to need to repair and the more testosterone it creates for that job.

Squats and other movements that train the leg muscles are best of all, as the leg muscles are the biggest in the body. Many bodybuilders say that you simply can’t grow to the best of your ability without squatting for this reason.

14 Have More Sex

It’s not all hard work! Seeing as testosterone is the male sex hormone, it makes sense that it should be increased by having sex.

Indeed this is the case and in fact even thinking about sex can increase T levels.The elevated levels of testosterone during sex are actually only very short-lived however.

15 Use HIIT Sprinting

HIIT stands for ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ which means you’re alternating between very high intensity and relatively low intensity. For CV training this means sprinting for a minute or two, recovering by jogging, and then sprinting again. This puts your body in an anaerobic state meaning you’ll be using up all the sugar in your blood (as with fasting).

This then signals the body to produce hormones necessary to get energy from stored fat. This also happens to just be a very efficient way of using CV training.

16 Reduce Sugar Intake

no sugar

Sugar is one of the worst things in our diet for lowering testosterone. Seeing as it’s also responsible for a spike in energy followed by a trough, as well as for weight gain, it’s simply best to avoid too much sugar.

The worst culprits are ‘fast carbs’ like cake and chocolate. If it’s sweet and unnatural, it’s best to avoid. Sadly.

17 Nuts are Goods for Your Nuts

Another great source of cholesterol, protein and healthy fats is nuts. Nuts are a great snack that won’t add many calories, and on top of that they also often contain selenium which has been shown to further boost testosterone levels.

Besides, they are a great source of essential fats like Omega 3 fatty acids which your body requires for the production of steroid hormones like testosterone.

18 Avoid Soy Products

no soy

Sorry vegans! If you want to get the full benefits of protein then it should be animal protein: and soy protein shakes just don’t stack up. Not only have studies shown that soy protein users have lower testosterone, but they also experience elevated cortisol levels.

Soy is also proven to increase the female hormone estrogen in your body. Men don’t need estrogen which inhibits testosterone production.

One of the best ways to lower estrogen in men is with the help of a DIM supplement. DIM 3X from Primegenix is a unique supplement that is recommended and approved by Dr. Kaleb Redden to help lower estrogen and support testosterone in men.

On top of all that, Soy is simply less bioavailable and thus less useful for our bodies when compared with whey. Unfortunately, a lot of health supplements contain soy and soy ingredients are being marketed as muscle gainers. Check out the ingredients before buying such supplements and skip anything with soy in it.

19 Get Enough Iodine for Proper Testosterone Production


Iodine is another substance that is important for testosterone production. Iodine is found in the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 (which regulate metabolism) and low levels can lead to hypothyroidism – which is linked to low testosterone levels.

Supplementing with iodine might be a good strategy for protecting against hypothyroidism and boosting testosterone then. Or you can do what some groups online are doing and try painting your testicles with it. It’s up to you what you do in your spare time, but just try to make sure you lock the door.

20 And of Course – Testosterone Supplements

TestosilAs you can see from this list then, a lot of raising your testosterone levels is to do with increasing your consumption of certain macro and micronutrients. That’s all good and well, but it sure is a lot to take on board – especially when you consider how many other things like tribulus terrestris and tongcat ali can also help.

Fortunately then, there are many natural testosterone supplements out there which exist purely to boost testosterone and which contain large selections of different elements all in the right balance and measurements. These provide a natural and powerful way to boost your testosterone levels without any side effects so you can focus on getting the most from your workouts and enjoying your rest in between.

One of the best testosterone supplements that can help you get awesome muscle growth is Testosil.

Testosil is a supplement that deserves mention here since it is one of the few supplements that consists of all the ingredients that are backed by clinical studies to boost testosterone in men.

Not just this, it is also a formula that is recommended and approved by a practicing doctor.

Testosil is far better than other competing brands on the market in terms of formulation and results. It can help boost testosterone production in your body and help you gain both muscle and strength while burning fat in the body. It can also help you gain energy, power and stamina to workout longer and harder in the gym.

In addition to this, Testosil can help elevate your mood and can also help you get a robust libido alongwith the ability to get rock-solid and harder erections.

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