3 Best At Home Ab Exercises

You might be having the best chest, shoulders or biceps but the look isn’t complete until and unless you have great abs.

Vincent needs no introduction when it comes to bodybuilding. He has been making some great videos with workouts that you can easily do at home, with or without equipment.

The following video is about an abs workout, wherein he shows 3 of the most effective ab exercises that can help you get perfect abs and there are no crunches in this workout!

Andrew Raposo is a North American Muay Thai Champion and a two time Provincial Gold Medalist in Boxing. He helps Vince Del Monte do some amazing ab exercise for that killer look!


The Workout



This workout consists of just 3 exercises. These include:

  1. Plank with arm raises – 

Start in the normal plank position and extend your arm up. While doing so, its important to make sure that your hips do not move much. While extending your arm up, you need to breathe out and tighten your abdominal muscles. Repeat this movement with both the hands.

You need to do just reps with each hand.


2. Plank with Leg Lifts

After doing plank with arm raises, you need to take a short rest of a few seconds before you begin with this exercise.

Begin in the normal plank position and lift one leg up. While doing so squeeze your glute so that you can feel the contraction. Put this leg down to the beginning position and do this movement with the other leg. You need to do 10 reps of this exercise with each leg.

Both these exercises are a great way of making the regular plank more intense.


3. Dying Bug

This is the last exercise in this routine.  Lie on your back and raise your legs. Try to press your lower back to the floor as far as possible. Contract your abdominals and lower one leg to the floor. While doing so try to maintain that tension in your abdominals. Bring your leg up and repeat this movement with the other leg.

This exercise is best performed with your knees straight. However, if you find it difficult, try doing this exercise with your knees bend a little. One thing to keep in mind while doing this exercise is that there should be no room between your lower back and the floor.

It’s recommended that you do 10 reps with each of your legs.

Ideally, you must do 3 rounds of all these three exercises for best results.



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