4 Step Workout for a V-Taper Back and Slim Waist

Many people who want to increase their figure and ‘recomp’ will do so by focussing primarily on weight loss. They think that by losing fat, they will bring out their bodies’ natural lines and shape and that will make them look slimmer and better proportioned.

Problem is, proportion comes from the muscle. And thus if you want to really recomp, you need to combine weight loss with weight training.

For guys who want to get a V-taper and slim waist then, they need to combine CV with exercises that are intended to train and hit the lats. This will widen out the top half of the body, while the CV and the diet will take care of the rest.

The key for this all to work though, is to make sure that you’re hitting that weight training hard and really making sure it works.

And this program will do exactly that.

Wide grip pull ups

You’re going to start with wide grip pull ups, meaning you’ll have a pronated grip (palms facing down) and you’ll have your arms as wide as shoulder width or greater. What this does is to put the target moreso on the lats rather than on the biceps and to really target that area.

Pull ups are fantastic for building a wide v-taper. If you find them too easy, then you can increase the difficulty by increasing the load: add some weights to a belt.

Neutral grip pull ups

We’re now going to switch to something called a neutral gip pull up. That means that you’re going to be holding your hands so they face inward. Most gyms have something like this you can use and if not, you can achieve the same effect by hanging a towel over a regular pull up bar and holding onto that in each hand.

A neutral gip pull up is marginally easier than a regular pull up. This means you can easily drop from one to the other and switch once things get touch.

Chin ups

Now for chin ups – use a supinated grip (underhand) now in order to move the focus more onto the biceps while still squeezing every last drop of effort left out of the lats.

Inverted rows

Finally, lie underneath a bar that is about waist height off the ground. Grab this with a pronated grip and then pull your upper body to meet the bar, keeping your heels resting on the ground as though you were doing tricep dips.

The secret sauce…

Those four moves performed in sequence will give you a killer lat workout. But the real key to success is to slow down on the eccentric (lowering) portion of the movement. Count at least to three as you lower and that way you’ll be increasing the time under tension and thereby helping to create more pump in the muscle.

What’s more, is that increasing the eccentric portion of the move can help you to squeeze out a little more strength and performance.