5 Conditioning Upper Back Exercises

Want to have a great back?

Just like legs, a lot of guys tend to ignore their back too. However, building your back is important in order to have a right body frame. Here are some great upper back exercises from Rob Riches:

Upper Back Exercises:

#1 Chin Ups

Chin ups are a great exercise for building your lats. A chin up is one of the best exercises to build your lats especially when you begin to overload with weights. This exercise involves your back muscles to pull you up while most of the other back exercises such as lat pull downs focus on pulling the weight down.

Your goal should be to do 2-3 sets of 10 -12 reps each. You can increase the resistance by adding tying weight around your body.

When you lower yourself down, stretch your body completely. Your arms should be fully stretched so that you can feel your lats completely stretched out. As you go up pull the shoulders back, keep the elbows in line and they shouldn’t be tucked forward and keep your chest high. Elevate your chest up as you squeeze your back there aiming to get your shoulder blades together

#2 Cable Single Arm Rows

The second exercise is the Cable Single Arm Rows. Have your hips rotated round and you should not be square on but you should not be at 90 degrees either. You should be at somewhat 45 degrees so that your arm gets a nice clean pull from the cable. As you pull it keep it close to your body and take it right up to your hip. You can also do a little rotation around so as to finish off with contraction on the lat.

#3 Rowing on Incline Bench

Assume a position on the Incline bench so that your chest is a little bit off the bench and lean forward so that your back is a little arched. Lift moderately heavy weight and bring your elbows up while lifting the weights. And as you do so squeeze your back muscles and allow the midsection more than the upper. You can perform this exercise with a barbell, dumbells or even with a wide grip. Alternatively, you can try it with an underhand and even a narrow underhand grip to feel the effect on different parts of your back.

#4 Lat Pull Downs

Perform this exercise with single hand grips rather than a fixed handle. This adds more stability to the movement. Not just this, it makes the movement quite different from the pulls up as mentioned in exercise #1 above.

Another interesting variation is that you can do this exercise with your single arm. It can make a big difference in how you feel your muscle being worked.

#5 Inverted Rows

Now, this exercise might look like very simple, but it’ll take all that is left of you. With your feet placed on the bench and your arms extended at the full length, your body is actually going to be at a little decline. This pulls in more of middle and lower section on your back than if you were performing with your feet at the ground. In this exercise, you are lifting your own body weight and it might not be that easy.


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