5 Minute Dumbbell Ab Workout

Want to work out your abs at home?

No problem!

Here’s a 5-minute workout that you can do at home targeting all the sections of your abs. All you need is just one dumbbell for this entire workout.

This is a 5-minute routine. So, set the timer on your phone to 5 minutes, hit start and you are ready to go….

  • The first exercise in this routine is Reverse Crunch with a dumbbell help in between your feet. Watch the video above closely to get the movement right. This is an amazing exercise and will make you feel the burn very quickly. If you find it hard to go on for a minute out your feet on the floor, take a breath and continue again. Try to do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds or 1 minute. This is a great exercise to hit lower abs.
  • As soon as you are done with this exercise, start with Russian Twists with the dumbbell in your hands. Twist your obliques with a dumbbell in your hands. This is a great exercise for your side abs. Take note that your legs are off the ground in this exercise. Try to max out as many reps as possible in one minute. It’s not going to be easy but push yourself. If you are not able to continue, stop and take a breath, and then continue again.
  • The third exercise in this routine is the Sit Up Presses with a dumbbell in your hands. This exercise is great for middle and upper abs. Push yourself and try to do as many reps as possible in one minute. By now, your midsection should be burning.
  • The next exercise is Weighted Toe Touchers. With your back on the floor (keep your shoulders off the floor throughout the movement) raise both your arms and legs and try to touch your hands (with a dumbbell in them) to your feet. It sounds easier than done and should be pretty hard but believe me, the results are going to be just as great. Try to do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. If you find it hard, take a rest and get back very quickly. Remember, your aim should be to do it non-stop for 60 seconds. Try to keep your knees straight when throughout the movement.
  • The last exercise in this routine is the Suitcases. With your back on the floor, raise both your arms and legs so that they meet in the middle. This is going to be one real ab crusher. Push yourself and complete this site, maxing out as many reps as possible in one minute.

As you complete five minutes of these exercises, you should be exhausted. So, just drop the dumbbell and relax.

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