5 Must Try Chest Techniques for Definition

Do you want to develop a bigger and stronger chest?

Here’s a great video on 5 must try techniques to develop your chest.

The first thing you will be doing in this workout is pumping blood into the muscle. The first exercise is more of a warm up. Begin your workout with a machine press and your tempo should be a little faster than what you normally do with dumbbells or barbell or even other machines. The idea is to get the blood pumping.

Begin by doing 3 sets of 15, 18 and 20 reps. You don’t have to go too heavy on this exercise.

Once you are done with the 3 sets you move to the first working set of this workout – Incline Chest Press. If you tilt your elbows slightly forward while doing incline chest press you’ll be able to put more emphasis on pushing the upper chest. Another thing is that you can try lower the bar a little higher towards the neck (close to the clavicle region of the chest or the collarbone) than what you normally do. By doing so you can feel the pump in your upper chest when you contract and squeeze this muscle while going up.

Try to keep the movement fluid and smooth while contracting and squeezing the muscle while you lift the weight up. Make sure you do not allow the bar to touch your chest when you lower down. Keep is half an inch up from the chest and from there you lift it up again. This will keep the tension on the muscle throughout the movement.

I am sure the pump you would get after going heavy would be pretty insane.

The second exercise in this workout is the flat bench dumbbell press. However, there is a twist here. There’s a little bit of change in the position of your hands. Start with your palms facing forward. This gives you a deeper range of motion and there is more muscle activation. As you push up rotate your hands and squeeze the muscle and then pull the dumbbells down getting back to the original hand’s position. This exercise is going to be a little bit harder to do and so you should drop the weight down a little bit. Go slow in your movement and focus on the rotation of your hands as well as the contraction of the muscle as you lift the weight up.

After three sets of this exercise, move on to cable flyes. While doing cable flyes try to put Incline bench in between the cables so that you can lie down on it while doing the cable flyes. It helps prevent any kind of swinging that you might experience if you do the flyes while standing.

After you are done with the cable flyes, do some pull ups. They can help stretch your chest muscles a great deal.

We’ll finish this workout with a reverse grip bench press and pullovers.

A lot of guys are not familiar with reverse grip bench press. You don’t have to go heavy with this exercise since your underhand grip is likely to be much weaker. This kind of a grip can work really well on the lower section of your chest. If however, you are not comfortable with this movement, you can do parallel bar dips as an alternative with your body leaning forward. If you tilt more forward at the chest while doing parallel bar dips you tend to work on your lower chest.

Try to do 15 reps in each set and superset it with dumbbell pullovers. This can really help stretch your pecs.

This is a perfect workout that hits you chest from different angles. Try it out, next time you hit the gym and you’ll vouch for the awesome pump that you’ll get.


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