5 Things That Are Depleting Your Growth Hormone Levels

If you want to maximise your performance in the gym, build more muscle and burn more fat, then one of the very best ways to do all these things is to increase your production of growth hormone. This is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland that essentially signals the body to ‘get to work’ and to start rebuilding and repairing itself. When we’re children it encourages growth, but when we’re adults it helps us to recover from workouts and it recomposes our body to become leaner and more muscular.

Most people will then go about increasing their growth hormone levels by changing their diet, taking supplements and working out. These are all good things but unfortunately that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Just as important you see is to make sure that you remove the things that are depleting your growth hormone levels. Read on and we’ll look at a few of those things…

No alcoholAlcohol

Alcohol is a bodybuilder’s worst nightmare. Not only does alcohol steal your testosterone levels, not only is it full of calories, not only does it destroy your energy during workouts… it also negatively affects your growth hormone production by preventing you from reaching the deeper stages of sleep. It does this by continuously waking you up throughout the night (which is why you often have strange dreams after drinking) meaning that the pituitary gland never quite gets to work.


no sugarSugar

Sugar is another serious enemy when it comes to growth hormone. One of growth hormone’s jobs is to tell your body to burn fat for energy which is why anaerobic training and similar methods are so powerful when it comes to stimulating production. Sugar on the other hand tells your body that you need to store fat (lipogenesis) which then tells your body to stop producing the growth hormone.



Apnea is a sleeping condition that causes you to wake up for short bursts throughout the night – actually because you’ve stopped breathing. The problem is that many people don’t realise they’re actually suffering from apnea as the waking up is so brief they aren’t consciously aware of it. If you find you aren’t rested when you wake in the morning, then it’s worth checking with your doctor to see if you suffer from this condition.



If you are overweight then this is one of the number one things that will be preventing you from creating more growth hormone. This probably sounds a little ironic and it is: the time when you need growth hormone the most is the time when you just can’t get it. If you’re overweight then, losing it is priority one.


No MobileThe Computer/Mobile Phone

How is your computer or phone possibly responsible for low GH levels? Well that’s because of the wavelength that they produce through the screen and through the power indicator – in both cases this is similar to natural sunlight and will disturb your body’s internal clock. The result is that using them in the evening can prevent you from sleeping as well. Give yourself an hour’s ‘cooling off’ period before bed and charge your phone in another room and you’ll dramatically increase the anabolic power of your sleep.


Boost Your HGH with HGH Supplements

One of the best ways to increase your growth hormone is with the help of HGH supplements. Such supplements are a safer, better and cheaper alternative to HGH shots or hormone replacement therapy. They are a combination of amino acids, herbal and natural ingredients that stimulate your pituitary gland so that it can produce more HGH naturally. Such supplements do not contain artificial or synthetic HGH and this is why they are safe and free of negative side effects.

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