5 Things to do Before Bed That Will Boost Your HGH

The moment just before you go to bed is perhaps one of the very most important windows of opportunity when it comes to bodybuilding and gives you the chance to really optimize your muscle growth and fat loss during the night. It’s during the night that your body gets to work on repairing the damage you’ve done throughout the day and ensuring you have the best possible body composition for the challenges ahead.

It does this largely through the production of the hormones growth hormone and testosterone, and if you’re smart then you’ll find ways to both improve your sleep and increase your production of these chemicals before you hit the sack.

Here are five of the things that will best help you to trigger the release of these powerful hormones and see the gains you want as a result…

Take a Hot Shower

Having a hot shower stimulates your body to produce growth hormone and melatonin. It also completely relaxes your body and the combination of these factors will ensure that you fall into a deep anabolic sleep that sees lots of repair and rejuvenation throughout the night. On the other hand, if you start the next day with a cold shower this can wake you up and trigger the release of testosterone.

Drink Whole Milk

Whole milk is a fantastic source of saturated fats (which are better for you than many people think) as well as protein (including the slow release casein) and the cholesterol. Cholesterol is used to help boost testosterone production during the night (steroid hormones are made from it), while the saturated fat will provide you with a steady release of energy while you sleep that will help you to sleep much better and more deeply.

Have Half a Teaspoon of Honey

The fructose in honey also makes this a very good source of energy throughout the night and many advocates attest to its ability to help them sleep more deeply, burn more fat, and even gain strength.


Meditating can help to fight stress and it can relax your brain and mind by clearing it of thoughts. Stress reduces growth hormone and testosterone so right away this will have important benefits, but furthermore, meditation might help you to fall into a deeper state of sleep more quickly – effectively bypassing the ‘hypnagogic’ stage. This will ultimately enable you to reach the deeper stages of sleep more quickly which is when the growth hormone gets produced.

Wear an Eyemask

Plunging yourself into darkness will stimulate your body to produce more melatonin. Melatonin is the sleep hormone (which you can also get from cherries) which many people take in supplement form in order to sleep more heavily and see greater benefits on waking.

Unfortunately, most of our rooms aren’t that dark, and most eye masks aren’t that comfortable. Solution? Wear the eyemask for twenty minutes to produce more melatonin, then take it off and go to sleep. You’ll get all the same benefits without having something uncomfortable digging into your eyes!

HGH Supplements

Yet another way to boost your HGH production is with the help of HGH supplements that are made with a powerful combination of herbal extracts, amino acids, minerals and nutrients that are known to stimulate growth hormone production in your body when used together.

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