Why Alcohol Will Damage Your HGH Production

Most of us enjoy a tipple every now and then. Whether you’re someone who likes to drink in the evening after work to cool down, or whether you just like to have a big night out every now and then, it’s hard for most of us to imagine living completely without alcohol.

That said though, if you’re a bodybuilder then you at least need to be aware of just how much damage you might be doing to yourself with your beer and wine. Alcohol is actually damaging for your health in more ways than you probably realize and in particular, it can be devastating for your growth hormone and testosterone production. Read on and we’ll look at why bodybuilders need to be wary of their alcohol consumption and why it’s so disastrous when it comes to your HGH levels.

Demon in a Bottle

alcohol2The first thing that many bodybuilders and athletes should be aware of when drinking alcohol is that it’s very high calories and will lead to rapid weight gain. Now many weightlifters are under the false impression that it’s actually the drinks themselves that will make them fat – as in they presume it’s either the beer or the wine that is going to add the calories, or that it’s whatever else you’re drinking. They thus think that they can then stick to drinking spirits without sugar added and that they’ll be fine… but alas this isn’t the case.

In reality, it’s actually the alcohol content itself that will trigger weight gain, meaning that there’s no drink you can enjoy without potentially gaining weight. And as you may know, weight gain results in lower production of both growth hormone and testosterone.

In the short term, alcohol will raise your blood sugar level (which causes a drop in growth hormone immediately) and it will dehydrate you.


More to the point, drinking alcohol will very severely damage your sleep. This is because it prevents you from reaching the deeper stages of sleep which are precisely the stages at which you begin to produce growth hormone. When you sleep after drinking alcohol, in fact, you’ll find that you end up waking sporadically through the night (which results in weird dreams) meaning you never quite get to the stage where you should be rebuilding muscle and burning fat.

Furthermore, alcohol will also make you more likely to snore – and again this will impact negatively on your sleep and mean you don’t produce as much growth hormone.

Energy Levels

Finally, as alcohol puts your body through the ringer to such an extent and also prevents you from properly sleeping, this then means you aren’t going to have the energy levels you should do the next day. In fact, you’re probably going to find that you can barely stay awake after a night on the tiles, let alone have a full workout.

If you’re going to be drinking then for all these reasons you need to try and minimize the damage: that means drinking lots of water and eating lots of food, then staying up a little while before hitting the hay. Most importantly though it just means making sure not to overdo it!

How To Boost HGH Levels with Supplements

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