An Introduction to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is a medical intervention used to treat men with low testosterone. Here injections are used in order to replace naturally low levels of testosterone in patients and thus help to treat a number of side effects associated with low T. Here we will look at whether testosterone replacement is right for you and whether it has any place in bodybuilding.


Who Needs Testosterone Replacement Therapy

For most young men under 50, testosterone replacement therapy will be unnecessary. Generally the majority of us will already be producing more than enough testosterone naturally. There are ways that we can stimulate further production through exercise and supplementation, but the average Joe will not need replacement therapy and would likely not benefit from it anyway.

Only if you experience serious symptoms of low testosterone will you be considered for testosterone replacement therapy and even then you may be advised to try pursuing other avenues first.

Symptoms of low testosterone include a low sex drive, fatigue and low energy, depression, irritability and erectile dysfunction. Loss of testosterone is natural as we get older, but if you seem to have less ‘get up and go’ than you feel you should, you may want to get tested for low testosterone. If you test positive, then you may be offered therapy.

Types of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Once you’ve identified a problem you will then be offered a number of options going forward. If lifestyle and diet changes don’t help, then you can opt for transdermal therapy (using a skin patch that works similarly to a nicotine patch), gels (another topical treatment), mouth patches or injections and implants. Testosterone can be injected directly into the muscle or implanted as pellets in areas of soft tissue.

Benefits and Risks

Once you’ve received any of these treatments it may take a while for you to notice the benefits. When they do kick in they can then vary depending on a number of factors including the other hormones in your system. Everyone is different, so it’s impossible to predict precisely how the results will turn out.

In the majority of cases you should notice some relief from the symptoms described above. This can include increased energy and sex drive, improved muscle mass and weight loss and general increases in confidence and well-being. In other cases the results can be less noticeable or might even be the reverse as the body produces extra oestrogen to compensate for the increased testosterone. Too much testosterone can likewise lead to acne, hair loss and irritability. It’s important to remember that the chemicals in our body perform a very delicate balancing act which can easily be upset.

There are also a number of risks involved with testosterone replacement therapy which are important to keep in mind. Mild side effects including rashes, itching and irritation at the site of administration are common, but the long term effects have not been studied sufficiently to guarantee complete safety.

There are also a number of conditions which may be worsened by testosterone injections. These include benign prostatic hypertrophy in which the prostate grows larger and can potentially squeeze against the urethra, prostate cancer (which can be stimulated to grow by extra testosterone), sleep apnea and congestive heart failure.


Testosterone replacement therapy may be a useful treatment for some people then but should be considered a last-resort when every other option has been exhausted. There are numerous supplements that offer increased testosterone and are much safer and milder in their mechanisms. Tribulus terrestris for instance is a herb which can encourage the body to naturally increase testosterone production, while exercise, sex and a diet high in protein and cholesterol can all help to further increase the hormone naturally.

Many of the symptoms associated with low testosterone are also linked closely with depression and stress and often there is a mental aspect to consider. If you are facing a source of stress in your life that is damaging your ability to produce normal levels of hormones, then using these kinds of therapies will fail to address the rout cause of your problems.

For bodybuilders, testosterone replacement may seem like a tempting way to boost testosterone, but in the long term the risks will outweigh any potential benefits.

For anyone looking to increase testosterone, the better methods are those natural techniques which include increasing physical activity, getting more sex and eating the right diet. Address the stresses in your life and try to let your levels come back to normal on their own.

Testosterone Supplements

Natural testosterone supplements are one of the best ways to boost testosterone production in your body. Such supplements do not contain any artificial hormone. Instead, they are a blend of herbs, amino acids and other natural ingredients that stimulate your body’s own testosterone production.

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