An Upper Chest Workout for Men – Rock the V Neck!

The upper chest rarely gets the attention it deserves in the gym. This is a big shame because it’s actually one of the most aesthetic parts of your physique. If you can develop a great upper chest, it will help you to look awesome in any v-neck or tank top by giving your pecs that definition below the collarbone. It’s impossible to look skinny once you’ve nailed this aspect of your physique and it’s also a great way to avoid that ‘man boob’ look that comes from having massive lower pecs and no upper pecs.


Something to Note

One thing that many guys overlook when concentrating on the upper chest, is just what a small muscle group this is. The pecs are not divided in half and actually the upper portion of the chest is much slimmer. That means you need to work all the harder to really target it and to ensure that the focus is squarely on that part of your torso and that the rest of your pecs aren’t going to take over.


These moves should see you straight…




The Routine

Exercise One: Dumbbell Pullover Superset With Single Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell pullover is often used to focus on the triceps, but actually it can be pretty useful for the pecs too. And guess which parts of the pecs? That’s right: the upper pecs! Try to keep your arms more squarely over the chest than you normally would and really squeeze your chest as you feel the dumbbell move backward. Use a controlled and deliberate movement.


Now superset this immediately by pressing the weight above your chest, holding it in the exact position it’s currently in.


Exercise Two: Wolverine Low Cable Fly With Incline BOSU Ball Push Ups

Low cable flyes have got to be one of the coolest looking exercises out there. Why? Because you look like Wolverine! These are also great for isolating the upper chest and for hitting the outer portion in particular. Do as many of these as you can then head straight to the BOSU Ball to superset with some push ups. The BOSU ball here is essentially angling your body and turning the push up into more of an incline push up that will hit the shoulders and upper chest.


What’s great about this move too is that it will hit the core as well as you try and stabilize your body and maintain that position.


Exercise Three: Eccentric Overload Incline Bench

Finally, you’re going to end with an eccentric overload incline bench. This basically means that you’ll have a spotter standing by to help you lift more weight than you can easily perform multiple reps on at this point. You’re then going to slowly lower the barbell as carefully as you can, which trains the eccentric portion of the movement. This is a great way to encourage growth in your pecs and to create microtears and it’s something you should start doing more of in all of your routines!


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