Anabolic Steroids Side Effects List for Bodybuilding

If you’re thinking of using anabolic steroids to help build muscle mass and to give you an edge in bodybuilding, then you can realistically expect to see greatly enhanced muscle gains, fat loss and general improvements in your physique. Every major bodybuilder competing in the IFBB is using steroids without exception and this is simply the only way you can reach that huge size and strength.

But before you make this decision, it’s very important to understand just what you are letting yourself in for. Steroids come with a huge number of side effects, which can vary from one type of steroid to another.

This list will help you to recognize all the potential side effects from taking steroids. Not all of these will apply to every steroid but in most cases you can expect the majority of these side effects to be at least a risk:

Acne: Many bodybuilders will experience acne as a result of increased testosterone – very similar to the way that teenagers get acne when they start going through puberty. This can also show on your back.

Liver Damage: Steroids are liver toxic and this is worse if you take them orally. This is one of the most alarming concerns and can potentially be lethal.

Sweating: Many steroids can make you hot and sweaty as your metabolism rises. This can make getting to sleep difficult and it’s also simply rather unattractive and unpleasant.

Heart Problems: Another potentially lethal side effect of steroids is heart problems. Steroids can cause cardiac hypertrophy as well as putting strain on the heart in other ways and if you look at athletes and bodybuilders you’ll find a disproportionate number have died from heart attack – something that isn’t particularly well publicized or commonly spoken about.

Aggression: Some people consider this a positive of steroid use. Steroids can cause mood swings and one of the most common ways this can affect you is by making you more aggressive. This is what’s known as ‘roid rage’ and in the worst case scenarios it’s no laughing matter and can cause you to alienate yourself from family and friends, or just make bad decisions.

Hair Loss: Male pattern baldness is caused by high testosterone which affects hair follicles that are sensitive to T. Not everyone has this sensitivity and thus not everyone will lose their hair. But a lot of people will.

Low Testosterone: Ironically, steroids can actually cause low testosterone. This is because the body is responding to the increase in testosterone by reducing its natural production. Many ex-bodybuilders are permanently on HRT as a result.

Impotence: Problems like ‘deca dick’ are commonly related to the last point and this can be highly frustrating and embarrassing for bodybuilders. Testicles can also shrink as a result of reduced testosterone production.

Gynecomastia: This is the formation of male breasts. Unfortunately, testosterone can be converted into oestrogen and thus increasing one often increases the latter. The result is that men may start to form breasts and they can also end up storing water and body fat as a result.

How to Avoid these Side Effects While Getting all the Benefits for Steroids?

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