Anadrol and Clenbuterol Stack – Do They Conflict or Not?

While one PED can give you a huge competitive advantage in the gym and lead to massive gains and improvements on your PRs, combining multiple can take this to an entirely different level.

One of the most popular options is to combine a drug that will increase your ability to bulk and gain mass, along with one that will help you to burn calories and fat. That will let you bulk up and then let you tone and cut away the excess fat.

So how about Anadrol and Clenbuterol?

Anadrol and Clenbuterol Stack – Introducing the players

Clenbuterol is a fat-burning, cutting drug. This works by increasing bronchodilation in order to widen the blood vessels in the lungs and allow more oxygen to enter the bloodstream. This helps to increase muscle function, burn through fat and more.

At the same time, Clenbuterol is also a beta-agonist. This means it is a stimulant and will elevate the heart rate, increase brain activity and boost the metabolism. You’ll burn more fat more rapidly.

On the other hand, Anadrol is a drug that works by increasing protein synthesis. This is an anabolic drug, but unlike other anabolics, it has low binding affinity with the androgen receptors. What that means in plain English, is that it won’t cause many of the side effects associated with increased testosterone. That means you won’t experience things like impotence, hair loss, acne, mood swings etc. It also means that gynecomastia is considerably less likely.

Seeing as these two drugs have completely different mechanisms of action, on paper an anadrol and clen cycle is a good option to stack. The Anadrol will increase the muscle mass, the Clenbuterol will burn away any fat and you’ll have hard, defined muscle.

Not So Fast!

There is a problem though. That is that both of these drugs are highly liver-toxic. When you combine two liver-toxic substances, you, of course, get double liver toxicity and a serious workload for your body to try and keep itself drug-free.

The result can be very serious, leading to potential liver failure and even death.

What’s more is that both these drugs are very harsh on the heart. Anadrol places a strain on the heart, while Clenbuterol is known to lead to ‘cardiac hypertrophy’ meaning that the heart actually gets larger and can potentially fail as a result.

Anadrol clenbuterol stackThis makes this combination actually one that is particularly risky. While your minor symptoms are relatively low, the serious side effects are more pronounced.

Fortunately, there is a third option called Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk. This is a substance made entirely from legal and natural ingredients. These minerals, vitamins and extracts have all been tested in laboratory settings and been found to safely and naturally raise the metabolism within healthy levels. At the same time, Clenbutrol can also increase testosterone and muscle mass. But because they stimulate the body to do it naturally, there are no side effects.

When you consider this, you can see that there is no reason to risk your life with dangerous drugs.