Anavar Cycle for Men – Dosage, Side Effects and Results

Anavar is one of the most popular steroids on the market and a large part of this is the fact that it is known for being a little safer and a little milder. Anavar is thought to cause less damaging impact on the body’s natural testosterone production and it also won’t cause gynecomastia or other side effects associated with high oestrogen.

But Anavar is not safe. It still carries a lot of risks and you still need to be very careful when using it – if indeed you feel you must use it at all.

Read on and we’ll look at how to use Anavar as safely as possible, thereby minimizing the negatives and emphasizing the positives.


Some serious steroid users will look down on Anavar and call it things like ‘girl steroid’. It doesn’t help that Anavar (technically known as oxandrolone) is the steroid of choice that doctors use when treating children!

But Anavar is only mild if you take it in mild doses. If you chose Anavar in order to avoid suppressing your endogenous testosterone production, then you need to use a very low dosage at around 20mg a day. Even then, studies show that it can lead to a decrease in natural testosterone production over a 12 week period.

Fortunately, most cycles will only last 6-8 weeks. That means that in theory, you could potentially keep yourself relatively safe from needing HRT. Running a PCT (post cycle therapy) is less necessary than with other steroids but it certainly can’t hurt. Try using some hCG.

Very serious bodybuilders though who are happy to put their health at risk will go as high as 100mg a day. In this scenario, Anavar is every bit as potent as something like Dianabol. A more ‘average’ starting point is somewhere in the range of 50-80mg, cycled for 6 weeks.

You also need to decide whether you’ll want to inject or take Anavar orally. This will once again impact on not only the potency of Anavar but also its safety.

Side Effects and Results

If you are using Anavar as a ‘milder’ alternative to other steroids, then you can of course expect the results to be milder as well. At the same time though, the results can scale up as you increase your dosage and opt for injections.

Either way, Anavar will help you to see increased muscle gain from your training and because it’s a form of DHT, you won’t see any additional water retention. In short, you can expect lean muscle mass and increased recovery. Don’t expect this to have a dramatic impact on your drive or energy levels though unless you’re using it at higher dosages.

Side effects may include hair loss, mood swings and most seriously, liver toxicity.

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Any supplement is likely to have its pros and cons. Even though Anvarol is a safe and legal product, you must avoid it if you have a medical condition. You must also avoid it if you are below the age of 18. Pregnant women and nursing mothers must also avoid it.

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