Anavar for Women? – Benefits, Side Effects and Alternatives

Often the assumption is that steroids are for men and men alone. Seeing as steroids work variously by increasing testosterone and DHT – and as those are the male hormones – it makes sense to conclude that women wouldn’t want to go near the stuff.

Steroids have a number of serious side effects for men which make them dangerous. This is why the majority of people shouldn’t consider using them and should look instead at safer alternatives such as Anvarol (from Crazy Bulk).

But many bodybuilders do still opt to use steroids for their impressive effects. And just like male bodybuilders, female bodybuilders will often be looking for any way they can get an ‘edge’ that will help them to increase their muscle mass and burn fat.

And in fact, raising testosterone via steroids makes a lot of sense in this regard. After all, testosterone levels are 90% of the reason that men are naturally stronger and more muscular than women. Can a steroid offer a viable way for women to ‘level the playing field’ as it were?

What is Anavar?

Anavar is an effective steroid that contains a substance called dehydropiandrosterone. This substance is made from DHT and as such it can help to provide the impressive anabolic advantages that you get from DHT. These include not only enhanced musculature but also increased fat burning (making anavar very popular for fat burning). Anavar is great for increasing your metabolism and that helps to create lean muscle mass.

Unfortunately, anavar is also dangerous in various ways – in particular it is toxic for the liver and could lead to liver failure in the long term. The potential side effects for women also include the risk of developing masculine traits such as hair in unwanted places, a deeper voice and more male physique.

Women will usually use a slightly different version of anavar called oxandrolone. This is an anabolic steroid that is particularly safe for women and that has a lower chance of side effects. That said oxandrolone – the ‘girl steroid’ – can still lead to virilization such as deepened voice, clitoral enlargement and body hair.

Anavar in the form of oxandrolone the ‘safest’ form of steroid for women but that certainly does not make it ‘safe’.

A Safe Alternative

What is safe though is to use a steroid alternative. One of the best of these is the excellent Paravar from Crazy Mass. This is a supplement that utilizes an intelligent blend of herbs, nutrients and more intended to mimic the effects of anavar.

Paravar uses its ingredients in order to promote the body’s own production of testosterone and this is where it differs from steroids. Because the body is producing the hormones itself, this leaves no risk of liver toxicity – it’s made entirely from things you could get in your diet!

What’s more, because the body is raising the levels of testosterone itself it will also raise levels of other hormones – like estrogen – in accord. This way, you maintain a healthy ratio and this helps you to avoid negative side effects such as virilization. It’s the perfect answer for women looking to get male like anabolism safely!