Are Fat Burning Supplements Dangerous?

On the face of it, fat burning products might sound like the perfect purchase for anyone looking to burn fat and get into lean, ripped shape. Essentially, a fat burner is a supplement that promises to speed up your metabolism and to thereby help you burn through calories more quickly.

More specifically, fat burners are intended to help you burn fat which is of course the goal of many people looking to lose weight or of bodybuilders who want to increase their definition.

But while fat burners sound great on paper, they unfortunately don’t always have the very best reputation. That’s because half of the world seem to think that fat burners don’t do anything and the other half of the world say they’re dangerous, too extreme and potentially lethal.

So what’s the truth? Are these a useful tool for shaving off some pounds or are they a scam that might kill you? Because it’s kind of important to make the distinction…

The Difference Between Fat Burners

The first thing to realise in answering this question is that every fat burner is different and must be judged differently. Yes, some fat burners are dangerous but for the most part they’re perfectly safe for you and healthy even.

And among those fat burners that are safe, some of these will be very effective and others will be less so.

This is due to the different ways in which fat burners work.

Some fat burners include ingredients like l-carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and lutein which gradually increase the efficiency of your cells. This then allows those cells and the mitochondria therein to more effectively burn glucose and convert said glucose into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the useable form of energy.

Likewise, other fat burners will work by elevating testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone and is one of the key hormones responsible for men having less body fat compared with women. By slightly increasing testosterone, these supplements can help to burn more fat and build more muscle. Then there are those that include ingredients like l-tyrosine. L-tyrosine is a precursor that increases dopamine in the brain and thereby speeds the metabolism as well as enhancing a sense of focus.

These are the healthiest types of fat burners and also the most effective. These work by supporting your body’s natural processes and thereby help to encourage gradual and healthy fat loss. However, they also work gradually over the long term and so you shouldn’t expect to see drastic changes overnight.

This is a little like using creatine meaning that you’ll get more energy in your training, you’ll be healthier and your body will burn more fat. But you’re not going to suddenly lose an inch from your waist.

Fat Burners and Your Metabolism

Other fat burners work by increasing your metabolism which they do in a manner similar to caffeine. Caffeine actually triggers a mild stress response leading to an increased heartrate and eventually increased fat burning and energy.

Other ingredients that work similarly to caffeine may also be included such as bitter orange, green tea or even mild synthetic stimulants.

This is where things can potentially get dangerous – if you overdose on stimulants this can be bad for your heart and cause problems. This is why you should always read reviews of product before you buy them, avoid banned substances like ephedrine or DNP and never exceed the recommended dosage.