Are Steroids Bad for You if You Use Them Properly?

For any guy who wants to build muscle, burn fat and feel more confident in themselves, steroids might well seem like the perfect solution. These are drugs that can help anyone to raise their testosterone leading to enhanced anabolism (and muscle growth), rapid fat loss, greater libido and more masculine aggression.

More efficiently than any other method, using steroids can transform you from a skinny weakling into a guy with a super-hero physique and the confidence, drive and charm of a real alpha male.

There’s just one problem: steroids are also bad for you. Like, really bad for you.

Or at least this is what people would have us believe. And if you look at a bodybuilder, then they certainly might look unhealthy.

But what if you use steroids more carefully? What if you don’t take more than you need? What if you follow all the guidelines precisely and what if you take the proper PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to fix your testosterone levels straight afterward?

Then are steroids bad for you?

The Problems

Unfortunately, the real way to answer this is like so: if you are using steroids in great enough quantities to lead to significant muscle growth, then you are using them in great enough quantities to cause yourself a lot of damage.

Now whether or not you think this is reason enough not to use them is entirely up to you. There are still arguments for using steroids regardless of the risks and there are ways that you can make steroids safer for yourself. But there are still always risks. Otherwise everyone would be using them!

For starters, any steroid that increases the amount of testosterone you produce (which is nearly all of them) will then have the effect of potentially reducing your natural testosterone production subsequently. When the body notices testosterone levels are sky high, its response is simply to stop producing more testosterone. This is what can leave you needing HRT for the rest of your life, or cause impotence. Either way, it isn’t pretty.

Meanwhile, most steroids will also place a lot of strain on the liver. You can reduce this strain by choosing the right steroids and by using injections rather than tablets – but you’ll still be harming your liver and you’ll still risk toxicity and potentially even death. And injecting comes with its own risks – risks that involve the use of potentially dirty needles for instance.

Another consideration is the fact that using steroids means necessarily buying illegal products. This not only puts you at odds with the law (and whatever organization is in charge of the sport you compete in) but it also means you’re using products that are completely unregulated. You could be injecting anything.

An Alternative

For all these reasons, the only safe way to use steroids… is to use something else instead.

The good news is that there are some much safer alternatives and these include, for example, products from Crazy Mass. These are designed specifically to work like steroids but using entirely safe, natural ingredients.

Crazy Mass provides a complete range of legal and safe steroids that are effective for bulking and cutting.

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