Best Home Leg Workout – No Equipment Required!

Most guys skip their leg day but let me be very honest with you, skipping your leg day is the biggest mistake that you can do when it comes to building your physique. Working out your legs give a massive testosterone boost in your body. This helps you build a better upper body too.

If you think, you cannot workout your legs at home, here’s a simple and effective workout that you can perform at home without any kind of equipment:



The Routine

Squats x 10

Begin this workout with 10 normal squats.


Hip Thrusters x 10

The next exercise in this workout is the hip thrusters. Lie down on the floor with your knees bend and raise your butts. This is a simple exercise that is great for your hamstrings.


Explosive Lunges  x 6

After performing hip thrusters, the next exercise in this routine is the explosive lunges. You need to do 6 reps of this exercise with each leg.


Quick Hamstrings Single Leg x 10

This exercise is very similar to hip thrusters. The only difference is that your one leg on the chair or couch while performing this exercise. You need to do 10 reps with each leg.


Lateral Lunges x 10

After this exercise, you need to perform 10 lateral lunges with each of your legs. This is a great variation in the normal lunge.


Single Leg Hip Thrusters x 8

After the lateral lunges, lie down on the floor and perform 8 single leg hip thrusters with one leg on the floor. You need to do 8 reps with each leg.


Knee Get Ups x 9

Follow hip thrusters with knee get ups. Sit on the floor with your knees on the floor and jump up on your feet. You need to do just 9 reps of this exercise.


Drop Squats x 10

Follow the above exercise with 10 drop squats.


Important Note: There is no rest pause between this exercises and you need to do the entire workout in just one go. By the time you are done, you will be completely exhausted and your legs would be really pumped!


So, enjoy!

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