Best Injectable Steroids – List of Legal Steroids for Sale

A lot of people wish that they could have their cake and eat it. This is true in the world of steroids where you will often find people asking what the ‘best legal steroid’ is, or what the ‘steroid with no side effects’ is.

What’s key is that you stop this line of thinking right away. Steroids are powerful synthetic compounds that directly impact even more powerful hormones. These demand respect, they demand to be taken seriously and that means acknowledging just how dangerous they are. There is no such thing as a ‘legal’ steroid and all steroids come with an element of risk. And you are always breaking the law.


The safest steroids though are those that are injectable. These reduce the strain you place on the liver and although many people don’t like the thought of injecting, it is definitely the preferable option in the long term.

This list will run through the injectable steroids on the market and look at some of the shadier issues of legality.

Testosterone (Sustanon)

Testosterone is the closest thing there is to a legal, injectable steroid. Testosterone can only be taken via injection and although it is illegal, it can be taken legally if you are diagnosed with low testosterone or another condition that makes your GP consider giving you these injections. If you can somehow pull this off, then you technically are getting steroids legally and without placing any strain on the liver (as testosterone is natural).


Anavar isn’t legal but it is injectable and in terms of safety it’s one of the best options. That’s because Anavar works like Deca by being converted into DHT. This in turn means that it’s not going to cause many of the side effects associated with high testosterone like hair loss or gynaecomastia. Of course it still comes with numerous other side effects and like sustanon it can permanently ruin your natural testosterone levels.


Dianabol is one of the most popular and potent steroids and is also one of the oldest. One of the things that makes it so popular apart from its availability is the fact that it can be administered orally or via injection. This makes it very versatile and one option for this list.


Winstrol is a steroid that acts simultaneously to increase testosterone through DHT and to increase red blood cell count thereby increasing protein synthesis and accelerating fat loss. These things make Winstrol a very powerful steroid and almost an ‘all in one’. It’s not one of the safer options but it’s injectable so it can be used in a way that increases the effectiveness and lessens liver toxicity.

Crazy Mass and other companies selling Legal Steroids

Crazy Mass is a well-reputed company that is known for its range of legal steroids that can help you get results as good as actual steroids without any side effects. Moreover, these steroids are 100% legal too and do not require a prescription.

Bulking Stack from Crazy Mass is a powerful combo of four 100% legal steroids that are alternatives for Dianabol, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and Testosterone. An 8-week cycle of this stack can help you get jacked with pounds and pounds of lean and hard muscle with zero side effects. This stack does not require a prescription and neither does it require a PCT.