Best Steroids for Athletes to Get Ripped Legally

There’s no doubt about it: steroids can help athletes to get insanely ripped very quickly. Steroids increase the amount and the action of testosterone in the body and this can greatly enhance the development of muscle as well as fat loss. And it’s not just athletes and bodybuilders who use this strategy either – models and even actors/celebrities are also known to use steroids in order to appear more lean and powerful.

So the question is: how can you do this legally?

Unfortunately, the answer is simply that you can’t.

Why Are Steroids Illegal?

While athletes have been caught using steroids, this is never legal. Using steroids can lead to a number of serious health problems ranging from liver damage, to heart problems, to hair loss, to low testosterone production.

In every scenario then, the use of steroids is illegal. What’s more, is that most sports organizations consider steroids to be ‘cheating’ and so they are banned from those sports as well. If the IFBB, NFL or any other organization finds that its athletes are using steroids, they’ll face suspension and they may even be stripped of their titles.

The only slight exception to this is in sports like bodybuilding where the organizers tend to turn something of a ‘blind eye’ to steroid use. The belief is that bodybuilding wouldn’t be as popular as a sport without the existence of steroids and as such, athletes are given lots of notice before blood tests and it’s generally made very easy for them to continue using steroids without being caught.

It’s still technically against the rules and regulations of the sport though and it’s certainly still illegal.

There are also some other loopholes that athletes might exploit in some cases. For instance, an athlete might be able to get a prescription for testosterone or another type of drug from their doctor if they can convince them that they are suffering with a health condition. Alternatively, they might use something like a prohormone which isn’t technically a steroid but has many of the same effects. In both cases though, they might still be in trouble with the sports organization if they were to have a blood test.

The Next Best Thing

If you’re planning on competing though and you’re looking to get ripped, there are things that you can do to get there.

One option is to use another type of supplements. Thermogenic fat burners for instance and testosterone boosters can both help to get athletes ripped and toned without the need for steroids. These affect the body in other ways, by stimulating the body to create more hormones naturally (potentially through the inclusion of precursors – agents that the body converts to testosterone) or increase the heart rate to encourage more fat loss.

Some supplements – such as those from Crazy Bulk – are actually designed specifically to closely mimic the effects of steroids. For instance, Winsol is a product made entirely from natural ingredients but which has very similar muscle hardening effects to the steroid ‘Winstrol’.