Bigger Forearms Workout – Supersets for Size!

The superset is one of the most effective intensity techniques for creating a serious burn in the target muscle groups. They’re also ideal for training two antagonist muscle groups back-to-back, making more efficient use of your time and ensuring an even and balanced physique.

This lends itself perfectly to forearm training, by letting you train the forearm extensors and flexors separately – for moving the hand upward and downward. Only we’re also going to be looking at the pronator teres and supinator’s, in order to generate twisting power too.

Forearm and grip strength are sorely lacking in many strength programs, and the result is that athletes fail to maximize their potential. Don’t make that mistake! Add these supersets to your routine and build some serious crushing power.

Here’s the full workout.

Superset 1: Bar front rotation/bar 180 degree rotation – 4 x 6 with 1 min rest

For the first move, you’re going to hold on to your bar pointing forward – whether that’s a pull up bar or a lat pull down attachment. Either way, the further back you move your hand, the tougher the workout is going to be. Let the bar point downward, then squeeze the forearm in order to point it back up.

Next, you’re going to hold onto the edge and then draw and arc in front of you so that you go from pointing at one wall with the hand supinated, to pointing at the opposite wall with the hand pronated. This is harder than it looks and it’s incredible for that rotational strength.

Once you’ve completed one set, pause for one minute and then repeat three more times.

Superset 2: Dumbbell power squeezes/Dumbbell front rear rotation – 4 x 8 with 50 second rest

The next superset is the dumbbell power squeeze. For this one, you’ll hold the dumbbells and let them fall to the finger tips. Then you’re going to curl them up with your wrists.

For the next one, you’re simply rotating the dumbbells forward and backward so they point slightly up, then slightly down. On the way back, the dumbbells need to tap the back of your arm each time. Your forearms should be tingling by now!

Superset 3: Cable reverse wrist curl/Cable wrist curl – 3 x 10 with 40 second rest

You should know these exercises! The wrist curl is like any other curl, with the primary difference being that you’re not moving the elbows! Instead, it’s simply the wrist that curls. The reverse wrist curl is performed with an overhand (pronated) grip, while the regular one is done in a supinated manner – and you can face away with the cable and curl behind you to make this a little more comfortable.

Superset 4: Barbell rollovers/Barbell reverse rollers – 3 x 12 with 30 second rest

Finally, you’re going to be rolling the barbell. That means you’re holding the barbell in both hands and then just twisting it around with both hands. Add more weight to the sides to increase the challenge.

Then what are you going to do? Simple: go the other way!