Biggest Setback: Injury and How to Avoid it

Biggest Setback: Injury and How to Avoid it

Injury, the nightmare of every aspiring fitness trainee and body builder, is best avoided when we understand the reasons for the injury before embarking on any training program. Prevention is better than cure. An injury to keep you away from your fitness goals is the last thing you need. Keeping in mind a few points can go a long way in avoiding this pitfall.


  • Choose a properly qualified trainer and get a proper consultation and advice if you are a complete beginner. A proper coach can guide you to achieve your fitness goals and help you avoid injury.
  • Do not ignore warm up exercises. Whether a complete beginner or sometime into training, warm ups are a must. The warm up exercises increase blood flow to the muscles and improves flexibility, elasticity and pliability of the muscles.
  • When you are a beginner, it pays to cross-train and improve your overall flexibility. This will reduce your limitations and take you closer to your goals.
  • Eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Consult your trainer and nutritionist. Otherwise, just go for a natural, balanced diet with protein intake after workout sessions to repair damaged tissues and improve muscle strength.
  • Take adequate rest and push your limits slowly and steadily.

Once you are well into a good fitness regime and are into setting higher standards for fitness and strength training, then a few important points must be considered to avoid injury backlash at this stage. When you are into weight training for strength gain, then core workouts are suggested to balance your muscles. A strong core with balanced muscles will not tire you out. Injuries at this stage can be avoided by understanding a few important points.

  • The most common weight training mistakes come about with a choice of techniques. Incorrect techniques can dent your strength and injure your muscles. Hence, follow the advice of an expert or an experienced trainer.


  • Give adequate importance to warm-ups and do not ignore them because the blood rush to the targeted muscle groups improves their elasticity and reduces blood viscosity. Therefore, a proper warm up session gives mobility and flexibility to an otherwise stiff muscle.
  • When we speak of warm ups, can stretching be far behind? Stretching is an essential activity and helps to relax muscles after warmups and should be performed before and after weight training.
  • Sometimes an over enthusiasm to lift more weights could cause injury. Do not go in for too much weights in a short span of time. Too much weight is highly risky and may cause serious injury. Whereas, too little will make you hit a plateau. Therefore, moderation is the key.
  • Forced reps without proper consideration can cause serious damage. Therefore, performing an optimum set of reps is essential to avoid injury.
  • Another common mistake, that fitness trainees and bodybuilders do is to train too frequently and rigorously. The body needs adequate rest and indiscriminate work out sessions only saps out energy and causes heinous damage.

The lowdown on how best to avoid injury and set-back is given. The thumb rule is moderation and balance.