Bodybuilding Steroids for Cutting

One non-steroid option then is Clenbuterol but this comes with risks of its own

Everyone wants that highly ripped and cut physique. It’s one thing to get big and strong but if you can do that while also removing body fat, then you can reveal a level of definition and aesthetics that makes you look like some kind of superhero. This is the kind of physique that all the celebrities are sporting and this is the kind of physique that you find on the cover of men’s mags.

Steroid Pills for CuttingLet’s look at it this way: would Superman be Superman if he was carrying 20% body fat?

So the question then, is how you go about getting cut. Getting cut is certainly not easy and this is particularly true if you’re someone who puts on weight very easily but struggles to lean out. And this is why a lot of people might turn to steroids.

And the thing that makes this all the more tempting is that bodybuilders, athletes and cover models all use products like steroids to get where they are. So if you want to compete with them, it’s often really the only way.

So is this a good option? And if it is, where do you start?

The Best Steroids for Cutting

If you’re looking for a steroid that you can use to get cut, then you have a few options. Two good choices are Winstrol and Trenbolone. The reason that these are good is that each will raise your anabolism (making you stronger and leaner looking) but in both cases, they will work without increasing water retention or body fat.

The issue here is that a lot of steroids increase testosterone in such a way that it can be ‘aromatized’ into estrogen. In other words, all that exogenous testosterone has to go somewhere and what the body thinks is best for it, is if it converts into the female sex hormone. Thus you will see a sudden increase in muscle mass but this can also lead to some additional water retention and fat, which makes you look less cut. Then there is the issue with your pecs…

But with Winstrol, you have something that will increase DHT – not testosterone. DHT is dihydrotestosterone and for all extents and purposes it is ‘super strong testosterone’. But it also can’t be aromatized meaning no water retention and no gynaecomastia. Winstrol also increases the red blood cell count, which increases energy levels during cardio and accelerates fat burning.

Best Cutting Steroids

Trenbolone meanwhile does work on testosterone directly but it does it in a way that prevents it from converting to estrogen. It also helps to increase the appetite and it prevents muscle breakdown.

Other Alternatives

The problem is that both these steroids come with a laundry list of side effects. Those include things like liver toxicity, heart problems, high blood pressure, acne, ‘bacne’ and more. They’re also very expensive and illegal.

One non-steroid option then is Clenbuterol but this comes with risks of its own (and is still illegal). That’s why a testosterone booster – completely safe and completely legal – is actually going to be the best option in the vast majority of scenarios.

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