Breaking 5 Myths About Testosterone

Want to know the truth about testosterone? In the world of bodybuilding, testosterone is considered one of the key factors to success. However, it’s also one of the most misunderstood hormones out there.


You’ll find a lot of myths circulating about the effects this hormone has on the body; particularly in relation to building up muscle. If you’re more interested in the truth, below you’ll discover the facts behind the top 5 testosterone myths.

  1. Testosterone and steroids are two completely separate things

Perhaps the biggest myth surrounding testosterone is that it is completely separate to steroids. Many “experts” continue to state that taking testosterone supplements is ok, but steroids should be avoided. However, what they don’t tell you is that testosterone is a steroid within itself. Its very definition is a “steroid hormone”.

Now, this doesn’t mean steroids aren’t harmful, all it means is that they, along with testosterone, aren’t two separate things.

  1. Testosterone will eliminate male breasts

Man boobs, or “moobs” as they are commonly referred to, can seriously impact confidence and self-esteem. It’s often recommended that taking testosterone is a quick-fix solution. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Initially, you might notice a reduction in the size of the breasts. However, over time they can actually end up larger than they were in the first place. Why? Because if your testosterone levels are too high, that excess can convert into estrogen, causing the breasts to grow. The only solution to get rid of man boobs is to maintain a proper diet and via weight training.

  1. The more testosterone I take, the faster I’ll see results

This is potentially the most dangerous myth you can follow. Again, initially you might see the results you’re expecting. However, over time excessively high levels of testosterone are going to produce serious health problems. In particular, it can lead the body to produce high levels of red blood cells. This in turn can lead to a thickening of the blood and even result in death.


  1. Testosterone will make you a better lover

If you’re planning on taking extra testosterone to make you a better lover, think again! It may increase sexual desire, but it will not do anything to boost your performance as a man. It also cannot solve premature ejaculation issues. It’s also worth noting that any improvement it has on sexual desire takes weeks to kick in. So, if you’re looking for something to help in this department, you’d be better sticking to something like Viagra!

  1. High levels of testosterone make you aggressive

Now, there is some truth to this one. It has been shown that some men with higher testosterone levels have displayed more anger. However, there’s also studies to suggest that men with low levels of testosterone are even more aggressive. So, the aggression is more likely down to individual factors, rather than the hormone itself and taking testosterone isn’t going to automatically make you more aggressive.


Overall, these are the top five myths about testosterone you’ll come across. When taken correctly, at the right dosage, it can help to boost muscle mass and help bodybuilders achieve desired results.

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