Bulk Clean or Bulk Dirty – Which is Better?

When you decide it’s time to add some serious mass with a bulk, you have two options regarding how you want to go about it.

One is to do a ‘clean bulk’. This is a bulk that involves eating little fat, staying away from simple carbs and basically eating clean. You gain mass by eating huge amounts of lean proteins like chicken and egg whites and by eating complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes – maybe brown rice at a push. Your typical meal will be broccoli with chicken and steamed brown rice – and you’ll eat that meal a lot.

The other option is to do a dirty bulk. This still means gaining mass but now you’re taking the exact opposite approach. You’re not worrying about adding fat at all and instead you’re 100% interested in gaining muscle at any cost. That means you can using weight gainer shakes, drink olive oil to take in calories and eat fatty meats like steak and KFC until the cows come home.

But which is better?

The Benefits of a Clean Bulk

Let’s start with the benefits of clean bulking, with the main and most obvious benefit, of course, being that it is simply healthier. A clean bulk means that you’re not clogging your body up with tons of fat, you’re not spiking your blood sugar repeatedly with simple carbs and you’re able to get a good amount of crucial nutrients in your diet. All that means you’ll feel and look healthier, you’ll have lots more energy and you’ll be able to train harder and longer.

Of course, the real advantage of a clean bulk is that you won’t be adding extra fat. For a competitive bodybuilder, bulking and then cutting makes a lot of sense. But for everyone else, looking bloated and feeling lethargic for half the year is no fun. A clean bulk might take a little longer but it will let you keep your abs and help you to feel powerful and lean, rather than overweight and exhausted!

The Benefits of a Dirty Bulk

That said though, a dirty bulk has its benefits too. Specifically, bulking dirty is the fastest way to gain mass and while some of that mass will be fat, you’ll still be growing overall. Bulking dirty boosts your testosterone production big-time, it floods your body with calories and macronutrients and it puts you in an all-time high when it comes to anabolism.

Bulking dirty is also the best option for hard-gainers. If nothing else you’ve tried has helped you to grow, then a dirty bulk is by far the best shot. It’s also generally great for complete noobs who don’t mind going from 12% to say, 15% body fat.

One last point? A dirty bulk is a LOT more fun and will involve eating tons of things you enjoy, rather than sticking to entirely bland, dull foods.

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