Can You Stack a Cutting and Bulking Supplement Together?

For people who wish to gain muscle, the bodybuilding community as a whole can be rather somewhat vague and contradictory when it comes to giving you information. Newbie bodybuilders as a rule tend to have lots of questions regarding the most efficient ways of gaining muscle, but the answers they receive may tend to be confusing.

So let’s cut through the confusion. In order to find out if it’s possible to stack a cutting and bulking supplement together, two aspects of the question will have to be addressed.

Cutting and Bulking

Most people who have only the vaguest idea about body building believe that it is a smooth and continuous process. You work out and lift weights, you take the right foods and supplements, and you also try to hide your use of anabolic steroids. All these things will then give you the muscles you need on a gradual but steady basis.

But the bodybuilding process is actually composed of two phases, which are commonly called cycles. In the bulking cycle, bodybuilders gain as much mass as they can. If they do it right, then most of the mass they gain is muscle, while they try to minimize the fat they accumulate. In the cutting cycle, the extra mass and the fat are all eliminated so that only the lean muscle mass remains. It’s a continuous—and alternating—process of bulking and cutting. For those who are already obese, the cutting cycle is probably the first step so that the fat can be taken out.

Stacking Supplements

The word “stacking” means using various supplements and anabolic steroids together. After all, there are hundreds of different types of anabolic steroids. Numerous studies and anecdotal reports have come out as to which supplements are best for cutting or for bulking.

These studies also show which steroids are best stacked together for better results. Some steroids simply work better with other specific steroids. Sometimes supplements are also stacked so that a particular benefit that isn’t available in one steroid is obtained from another steroid. In some cases, steroids are stacked so that the side effects are minimized or compensated for. For example, the testosterone hormone is often stacked with other anabolic steroids because these other steroids invariably suppress natural testosterone production.

Stacking a Cutting and Bulking Supplement Together

In most cases, cutting and bulking supplements are not stacked together. That’s because these supplements are usually anabolic steroids. These steroids generally have specific functions, and stacking both cutting and bulking steroids can be messy. Steroids always have serious side effects, and the side effects of cutting and bulking supplements taken together can be very unpredictable—and potentially too dangerous even for bodybuilders who like to take risks.

But it is possible to stack cutting and bulking supplements when the supplements are not anabolic steroids. One well-known example is the Crazy Stack from Crazy Mass. None of these six supplements will cause any side effects at all, so using them together do not produce weird and even dangerous side effects.

Also, these supplements were actually designed to work best when stacked together, so it only makes sense to use them as they were intended to be used. By taking the Crazy Stack, you maximize the benefits while making sure that you don’t suffer any side effect at all.

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