The Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements

Let’s get one thing straight right from the offset: you don’t actually need any kind of supplement in order to build muscle and burn fat. If you have the right training regime and diet and you’re committed enough to stick at it, then you don’t need to spend a single dime on anything that you … Read more

The Mind Muscle Connection: How to Recruit More Muscle Fiber in Your Lifts

The mind-muscle connection is something of a mythical concept in bodybuilding circles – almost like the Force. “Use the mind-muscle connection, Luke!” And like all myths, belief in this concept is very varied. Some people believe the mind-muscle connection to be a complete fallacy and proclaim that technique is all that matters, while others herald … Read more

The GOMAD Technique for Bulking

If you’re an ectomorph or hard gainer and you’ve tried every training regime and diet under the sun to try and pack on muscle, then you may find yourself coming to the end of your tether. It can be incredibly frustrating when nothing seems to work and especially if you feel much smaller and weaker … Read more

How to Shape Your Pecs to Look Like Superman

Getting massive pecs is a great way to give yourself a more masculine and imposing physique and it’s something that a lot of guys are keen to develop. But actually, building massive pecs isn’t necessarily the same as building great pecs. The problem is that pecs that are ‘indiscriminately large’ can end up looking very … Read more

Can You Get Big Without Squatting and Deadlifting?

Squatting has long been considered the king of weightlifting moves and this is thanks to its ability to trigger body-wide growth by increasing growth hormone and testosterone production. Squatting incorporates nearly every muscle in the legs and seeing as these are the largest muscles in the body, this represents one heck of a workout that … Read more

7 Tips That Can Help Hardgainers to Grow

A hardgainer is anyone who struggles to put on muscle. You know the type: they’re well intentioned by no matter how much they eat or how hard they workout they just seem to stay skinny. We call these people ‘hardgainers’ because no matter how hard they try, they can’t make the gains they want. Of … Read more

Annoying Gym Habits

Every bodybuilder loves the gym. While they may not always be in the mood for the intense workout they know they have to complete, they nevertheless will almost always view the gym as a safe haven where everything is simple and where they can burn off some steam and vent any frustrations they may have … Read more