Is it Possible to Bulk and Stay Lean?

Ask some people and they’ll tell you that it’s absolutely not possible to both bulk up and stay lean at the same time. Ask others and they’ll say that as long as you’re happy to grow more slowly, there’s no reason that you can’t increase your mass while keeping bodyfat down. What’s the truth? Let’s … Read more

How to Pack on Muscle as Fast as Possible

If you’ve ever watched Dragon Ball Z (or perhaps the newer Dragon Ball Super), then you may be familiar with the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This is a room that the characters can enter into where time moves much more slowly and a single day equates to a single year. This is a very useful plot … Read more

Why Compound Lifts Build Muscles Faster

There have been many conversations on the use of isolation and compound exercises to build muscle. By definition, compound exercises engage multiple joints and muscle groups in a single workout while isolation exercises only target individual muscle groups. While both exercises used in conjunction will grow muscles faster, in comparison, compound exercises are much more … Read more

How to Set Your Training Split for Muscle & Strength Gains

Split training in the first place means splitting your workout regimes with each part of the body being targeted in individual sessions.  It usually involves upper body and lower body training. The concept can get even more specific when the objective is muscle and strength gain. Training gets individualistic when the goals are different with … Read more

How to Increase Bench Press Quick and Fast

Every guy you see in the gym seems to be interested in increasing his bench press and squats. There are no two ways about it. Above is an interesting video with tips on how to increase your bench press. How to Increase Bench Press – Easy Tips: Carbing Up : The idea is to maximize … Read more

Two Moves to Bigger Traps

The traps are very often the muscle group that gets ‘forgotten’. Take a look at any training split and you’ll usually see that traps are completely absent, or that they’re just lumped in with ‘back day’. This is even on detailed training programs that have specific days for ‘forearms’ and ‘obliques’. This is a big … Read more

Best Bodies of 2015

2015 is about to end now. Here is a video that’s going viral on the net. Check out some of the best bodies of 2015 to get motivated and workout harder and heavier in 2016. Enjoy…

The Six Greatest Old-School Exercises

Sometimes the old-uns are the best-uns. You really can’t beat something like the bench press, or the push up or the overhead shoulder press – and there’s a reason that these kinds of moves have been staples in our fitness regimes for decades.   Sure, new exercises come and go. Right now, everyone is talking … Read more

Look Like Apollo Creed With This Insane Deltoid Workout

Go back and watch the old Rocky films and you’ll see without a doubt that it was Apollo Creed who had the more impressive physique up to Rocky 3. What made Carl Weathers’ look so formidable back then? The answer is simple: he had insane shoulders.   Great shoulders look incredibly because they bulge at … Read more