The Triceps Superset from Grenade Workout Academy

Every guy who works out to reduce the amount of flab in his arm will want to check out this explosive workout suggestion for the triceps. The Triceps Superset is the recommended workout for the triceps from Jamie Alderton of the Grenade Workout Academy. Alderton served 7 years in the British Army, and afterwards he … Read more

Built by Science: The Chest Workout

In this Built by Science video, Mike Robertson explains how to correctly develop your chest through your workout. For him, it’s all about science and anatomy. You can develop and maximize your strength efficiently, but only if you truly understand how your muscles and joints really work. Once you understand how your body actually moves … Read more

Kevin Jordan’s Secret to Arm Training

Ever heard of the saying: Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach? That doesn’t quite apply to Kevin Jordan when it comes to arm training. In this featured video, he talks about his own training, and also exposes perhaps the most common mistake in arm training. Kevin Jordan knows exactly what he’s talking about, … Read more

The Shoulder Shred Workout

In the fight against obesity, sometimes the best approach is to regard it as an actual war. That’s the underlying principle of the shoulder workout called Shoulder Shred, which is a military style workout that’s best done in the morning. To really build up your shoulders, the workout consists of 5 exercises (with 3 sets … Read more

The Amazing Effects of the Ab Interlude Workout

Efficiency in bodybuilding is usually defined as getting the most benefits while doing the workout in the least amount of time possible. That’s why this ab interlude workout program from BSN is part of the 29:59 series—it takes less than an hour to do, which can benefit a lot of people because very few have … Read more

The Incredible 6 Minute Bicep Blaster

Exercise? Nobody has time for that! Quite a few folks probably think this way, since everyone’s so busy making a living instead of actually living. But for those who do realize the health benefits of working out by building stronger muscles, the time it takes to do so can be a major sacrifice. But as … Read more

The Superset Chest Workout

For your chest workout days, the Superset Chest Workout devised by gym owner and 2013 BodySpace Spokesmodel Brian Casad is one of the most effective ways of developing lean mass. When performing the exercises demonstrated in this video, you’ll want to keep in mind several important points that have been mentioned: Warming Up Before anything … Read more