How to Get Ripped Over 40

In a recent video on Six Pack Shortcuts, Jonny interviewed his friend Mark Mcilyar. Mark is a 53 year old fitness model and he’s in ripped shape. He’s got veins on his biceps and he looks nearly as good as Jonny himself.   In the video, Mark explains how he managed to get in such … Read more

A Tricep Workout That Will Cause You PAIN (The Good Kind)

If you’re like a lot of guys then you might find that it’s hard to get a good burn in your triceps. Really tricep workouts have become pretty routine for a lot of us, seeing as there’s not really that many different moves available compared with something like the chest.   Most tricep regimes consist … Read more

This One Simple Trick Will Give You Tighter Abs!

We’ve all seen the ‘one simple trick’ adverts on Facebook and the rest of the web and for the most part they’re just a lame marketing technique to get our attention.   ‘One Simple Trick to Get Amazing Abs! But Should it be Banned?’   The truth, as we all know deep down, is that … Read more

The Ultimate Plateau Buster: Microloading

If you’re stuck in a rut with your routine, then you’ll know that this is no fun. One of the things that makes weight training so rewarding and so addictive, is the fact that you can see yourself improve week on week. Whether that’s just looking a little better in the mirror, measuring your biceps … Read more

The Big Reasons That Your Calves Aren’t Growing

If there’s one muscle group that creates the most serious amount of aggravation among bodybuilders, then it’s the calves. For a lot of people, getting the calves to grow is like discovering alpha as a trader: it’s a holy grail that’s elusive to the point of being almost mythical.   Seriously, there are some absolutely … Read more

The Best Exercises for Bigger Biceps

When it comes to building muscle mass, it seems as though everyone is always on the lookout for the most exciting and unusual move they can use to magically start packing on more size. The common belief is that the more exotic and bizarre an exercise looks, the more likely it is that it’s going … Read more

Six Minutes of Pain: An Intense Six Minute Six Pack Ab

Despite the name, your six pack is actually comprised of just one single sheet of muscle. That sheet of muscle is called your ‘rectus abdominis’ and it sits at the front of your stomach. It’s job is to hold you upright by combating the strength of your erector spinae (the muscles in the small of … Read more