Chest BLITZ – How to Explode Lagging Pectorals

The Buff Dudes are responsible for some of the toughest and most effective workouts on YouTube. These guys train smart and they look good.


Their Blitz workouts are some of the best examples of this and are designed to add rapid muscle growth in no time at all – perfect for lagging areas.


So how does this work? The following chest blitz workout is designed to stimulate growth in the chest and works by hitting the chest just hard enough that it can be used twice per week. This uses a lot of compound movements used in the hypertrophy rep range (12-15) and is packed with smart tips that will enhance the muscle engagement to ensure you’re stimulating growth.


The goal here is not to break records. Instead, you’re aiming to stimulate the chest just enough in the shortest amount of time, while allowing time for recovery so you can go at it again shortly after.


Here’s the full workout, with some powerful tips that will really make all the difference.

Incline Neutral Grip Dumbbell Press

We’re starting with an incline neutral grip dumbbell press. This works the top of the chest which is an area all too often neglected. If you want your chest to look like Optimus Prime’s, then working the top is what counts. Forget the top and they’ll end up looking dangerously close to man-boobs!


Tip: Increase your incline each set – this way you mix it up and slightly alter the angle on each go.


Flat Bench

The flat bench press is one of the simplest chest moves in the book – but it’s also probably the best. In this case, it’s perfect following the neutral grip dumbbell press as it allows you to keep going after the shoulders have begun to fatigue.


Tip: Use a wider grip to engage the chest more. This is a tip from Arnie himself!


Landmine Presses

Landmine presses involve lifting one end of a barbell with the other propped in the corner of the room for stability. Tuck the elbows in and push the bar outwards and up like a chest/shoulder press.


Tip: Squeeze the hands together hard as you perform the movement. This will further engage the middle of the chest which is already the area we’re targeting.


Tip 2: Kneel down while you perform this movement – it will make it easier to lift and it will ensure you don’t get tired and give up before your chest has fatigued.


Dumbbell Flyes

Finishing on an isolation movement is a great way to flush the last drop of effort out from the pecs. In this case, you’ll be performing flyes to hit the outside of the pecs. Try to get a stretch on with each repetition, studies suggest this is fantastic for stimulating growth.


Tip: Don’t bring the dumbbells together in the middle as at this point the pecs aren’t working anymore. Bring them close but stop once you feel as though the pecs are starting to get a break.


Repeat this blitz twice a week and you should see your chest balloon like never before!


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