Clenbuterol Spray Cycles – Benefits of Spray Pens and Safe Clen Alternatives

Clenbuterol is a powerful weight loss drug that can help to increase fat metabolism and help burn more fat. It also increases performance in the gym and on the track and is a powerful performance-enhancing drug.

But Clenbuterol – like all PEDs – is also illegal and packed with a number of serious risks. This is especially true when taken either as an injectable or orally.

Orally consumed drugs are harsher on the body as the liver needs to help filter them. This increases liver toxicity which can be potentially fatal. Meanwhile, injecting any steroid (though Clenbuterol is not technically a steroid) means investing in a range of paraphernalia, being very secretive and leaving yourself with painful and unattractive scars. Many people find themselves very put off by the idea of using any injectable as they may have a phobia or a general dislike for injecting. And if it goes wrong, or if the needle is not properly sterilized, then it can lead to a range of complex issues.

Before we go any further, get this bit straight: we are not recommending the use of clenbuterol in any form. In a moment, we’ll share an alternative that is MUCH safer.

But if you’re someone who is interested in clenbuterol despite the risks, but are put off by the idea of injecting or swallowing… there is another way.

Using Clenbuterol Sprays

A clenbuterol spray offers another option for using clen. What may surprise you is that the sprays are actually legal in some areas where pills are not. This means that you can use the pen as a bronchodilator as a far more powerful version of an inhaler.

Clen opens up the vessels in the lungs, thereby helping you to take in more oxygen and increase your performance in the gym. These pens are very small, very discrete and able to offer an immediate boost to your energy. When used regularly, it may help to increase fat loss.

But the amount of the drug administered this way is very minor. A single pill contains about 50mcg, where as a spray will deliver up to 20mcg maximum. This is considered the smallest starting dosage.

This means the effects are far more minimal. What’s more is that the risks are still present: it can still increase your likelihood of heart attack or stroke, it can still cause internal bleeding and it can still negatively affect your heart rate. It may even lead to muscle loss!

What’s more is that this option is still illegal in most countries and states.

The Alternative

Therefore, what is truly the best alternative is Clenbutrol. This is a supplement that is made using entirely natural ingredients but which is designed to specifically mimic the effects of clenbuterol. Did you know that there are lots of natural bronchodilators on the market? And even more supplements that can raise the metabolism to mimic the beta-agonistic effects of clenbuterol?

With all that in mind, something like Clenbutrol – which is legal, safe and non-catabolic – becomes the FAR more sensible option.