Clenbuterol Trenbolone Stack – Can They be Stacked Together

Trenbolone is widely regarded as one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market. It works like many other drugs in its category, by binding to the androgen receptors in order to trigger the effects of heightened testosterone.

But when compared to other drugs – such as pure testosterone even – it actually has five times that binding affinity. That makes it essentially five times more potent, resulting in huge strength gains, hypertrophy, drive increases, motivation and more.

For those looking to rapidly gain muscle mass, trenbolone is one of the surest and fastest tickets.

But there is a downside too: when you take any drug that is more powerful, you are also going to see exaggerated side effects and risks. Some of these are highly dangerous and/or life-altering – which we will get to a moment.

But some will simply lessen the benefits that you can get from the drug. Catch-22!

Trenbolone and Weight Gain

The problem is that trenbolone leads to weight gain. This happens through numerous mechanisms. Firstly, trenbolone increases testosterone and estrogen. Find out the causes of high estrogen in men here.

In fact, many anabolic steroids have this problem and the result is that you may actually experience some feminization effects… kind of the opposite of what we’re going for here!

Specifically, this increased estrogen can lead to weight gain, water retention and increased ‘puffiness’. It can even lead to the formation of male breasts, called gynecomastia. It’s not pretty and it can be a big issue.

Stacking with clenbuterol may side-step many of these issues though. Not the breast thing (which is fortunately rare), but clenbuterol can increase fat burning by increasing the metabolism as a beta-agonist and by causing bronchodilation. The result is that you will build more muscle through the trenbolone and cut away the fat more rapidly through the clenbuterol.

Fortunately, these compounds can be stacked together relatively well. Because both have different mechanisms of action (only one is a steroid), the side effects are not going to be doubled as is the case in some ill-advised stacks.

Nevertheless though, there are serious issues to be concerned with. One is increased liver toxicity. Another is that clenbuterol can lead to cardiac hypertrophy (enlarged heart) due to the increase in oxygen. This is generally an issue with all anabolic steroids because they increase hypertrophy throughout the body. Take a steroid that is 5 times more potent and you can see the issue: clenbuterol enlarges the heart, and trenbolone makes sure this happens quickly.

It’s a measured risk, but not one to be taken lightly.

clenbuterol trenbolone stackA Better Alternative

Fortunately, the guys over at Crazy Bulk do have an alternative to this stack called Clenbutrol. This is a naturally-made supplement that is comprised of herbs, nutrients and other completely safe elements that have been shown to help increase fat loss. These ingredients have all been demonstrated in laboratory settings to safely (not to mention legally) increase the metabolism to burn more fat.

The company also makes a range of bulking agents that work similarly to Trenbolone by raising levels of the body’s own endogenous testosterone. These are far safer and smarter options for doing a lean bulk.