Crazy 1 Minute Cardio Workout

Burning fat doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take ages. In fact, you can very realistically burn a ton of fat with a workout consisting of a single minute – and at the same time you can do so using only your bodyweight, right in the comfort of your own home.


Okay, so a one minute workout might not really burn that much fat. But it can certainly help you to power through a few calories. And then if you repeat that workout over and over a few times… well then you’re talking.


The following is a 1 minute cardio routine from Mike Chang. This was one of this most famous YouTube videos and for good reason: it’s simple and it’s effective. You’ll find that after just one minute of this circuit you’re gasping for air and it’ll only take a few repetitions for you to really feel the difference.


The Circuit

So how does this amazing circuit go? Obviously you’ll perform each exercise once and not take any break in between each round, as is standard for any circuit. And as the name suggests, the whole circuit should take you just one minute. Seeing as there are four exercises that means that each ‘station’ should take you only 15 seconds. But trust me, that’s going to be long enough!


After your minute is up, rest for 20 seconds and then go again. See how many you can complete! Doing five rounds or ten rounds will still only take you a short amount of time but it’s more than enough to get some results.


The circuit goes like so:

Burpees are a well-known exercise but in case you haven’t seen them, you basically start with a small jumping jack, then drop down to perform one press up. After the press up make sure that you really ‘pop’ back up so that you’re launching yourself into the air. The whole thing should look like one fluid movement.


Knee Tucks
Next up are knee tucks. Here you’re just jumping up in the air and tucking your knees up in front of you. This is an excellent movement because it requires a lot of ‘plyometric’ strength, meaning you really need to be able to explode yourself into the air.


Mountain Climbers
Mountain climbers involve being in a press up position but with your buttocks slightly raised. Now you’re going to jump one leg forward with your knee bent and shoot the other one out straight behind you. Now swap with one jump. Basically it should look as though you’re climbing a ladder that’s lying flat along the floor.


Jumping Lunges
Finally, jumping lunges involve going from one deep lunge to jumping in the air and swapping your legs over and landing back into the next lunge.


All these exercises are great for the legs and for cardio. For the bodybuilders out there, it will make a fantastic ‘finisher’ to burn a few extra calories at the end of a workout.

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