Crazy Bulk D-Bal (Dianabol) – Benefits and Side Effects

D-Bal from Crazy Bulk is a supplement that claims to provide all the benefits of the steroid Dianabol but with none of the side effects or risks. That’s a bold claim and certainly something that a lot of lifters would be very interested in. But can it really work? In this review, we will honestly appraise the ingredients as well as reporting on our personal experiences. You can then decide for yourself whether D-Bal belongs in your supplements cupboard.

What is D-Bal

Dianabol the steroid is one of the most potent steroids for increasing muscle mass but also one of the most dangerous. It works by binding to the androgen receptors which prevents the body from ‘cleaning up’ excess testosterone in the body. This results in an increased masculinity, enhanced muscle mass, rapid fat burning and more.

Unfortunately, it also leads to all kinds of problems. Effectively, Dianabol prevents the body from self-regulating. Thus you end up with excess testosterone which causes acne, aggression, sweating and various other problems.

What’s more, that excess testosterone eventually converts into oestrogen and can this way lead to gynecomastia (man boobs) and infertility. Eventually, the body retaliates by shutting down natural testosterone production, leaving the user dependent on HRT for the rest of their lives. What’s more, Dianabol is highly toxic to the liver, which can make it lethal under certain conditions.

For these reasons, many people aren’t willing to experiment with Dianabol. D-Bal though has none of these side effects. This supplement from Crazy Bulk uses entirely natural ingredients which have been shown in studies to naturally elevate levels of testosterone in the body by stimulating the testes to produce more.

Crazy Bulk doesn’t use just one testosterone boosting component. Rather, it combines a plethora of ingredients which together can support and enhance testosterone in a multitude of ways. The results are a pretty crazy boost in free T. But what’s different is that this testosterone is produced naturally in the body and you’re still able to regulate yourself. The results? All the muscle gains and none of the headaches.

Our Experiences

That’s the theory anyway but does it really work in practice? We put some D-Bal to the test to see what would happen and we were really very impressed with the results.

At first, we weren’t sure. The initial benefits were slow to come on and this is a much more natural ‘feeling’ experience. You won’t be aware if anything is happening right away. But we took ‘before and after’ photos without changing our routine and what we found was that our gains came much faster than before.

By the end of two months, everyone in the office had made gains to the point that some of us were in our biggest ever shape. And these are lean gains by the way – just like you would expect from the real thing.

Later on we tried following the advice on the Crazy Bulks website and combined D-Bal with Testo Max and Trenorol. The results were out of this world – it’s highly recommended!

D-Bal from Crazy Bulk

  • is a 100% Legal Alternative for Dianabol
  • does not require a prescription
  • is Taken Orally, No Painful Injections Needed
  • is great for Bulking with Hard Muscle
  • Increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
  • Increases Strength
  • improves focus and drive
  • has no Known Side Effects
  • Has been getting Excellent User Reviews
  • comes for just $59.99 with an amazing Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer
  • Comes with Free Worldwide Shipping
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