Crazy Bulk Trenorol – Benefits and Side Effects

Crazy Bulk is well known for manufacturing products designed to mimic the same benefits as steroids but with none of the risks or downsides. While this might sound a bit ‘too good’, the reality is that their supplements really work and have helped many people to push past their plateaus and to get the kind of bodies that their on-screen heroes have developed.


TrenorolHow is this possible? Simple: Crazy Bulk products use a combination of ingredients that have been proven in countless studies to raise testosterone, growth hormone and other crucial compounds within the body. These are cutting edge formulations normally reserved for athletes and models looking to develop athletic bodies without resorting to illegal steroids.

In this review, we’ll be looking at one such supplement. This is Trenorol, a supplement that offers enhanced testosterone production, increased nitric oxide and elevated protein synthesis. The combination offers incredible synergy, resulting in amazing strength gains when used for extended periods.


How it Works

Trenorol works similarly to Crazy Bulk’s other supplements: by enhancing the body’s natural production of testosterone and other anabolic compounds.

To do this, Trenorol relies on a number of natural ingredients that have been demonstrated in studies to have all kinds of amazing effects on the body. These include: nettle, pepsin, daucosterol and sito-sterol to name a few.

Take a look for ‘raising testosterone’ on Google Scholar and you’ll see that there are countless studies showing that substances like these can indeed raise free testosterone in users. The problem? Most of these will increase testosterone by a few percent points… at best. Thus you could spend an awful lot of money and not see much result.

But if you combine all these ingredients into a single powerful stack and if you throw in additional agents to increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention… then you end up with a highly powerful cocktail that can rev the body up to produce incredible results.


What to Expect

So what should you expect when using Trenorol? Well, as a substance that raises testosterone you can expect to feel more drive and energy in the gym right away. At the same time, you should notice that your efforts are rewarded as you grow more rapidly and develop the kind of firm and hard muscle that you see in the IFBB pros.

Meanwhile, the extra nitrogen retention will increase pump and vascularity. This has a similar effect to a NO2 supplement but to a greater extent. You will feel far more pump and at the same time your muscles will be fed more blood and oxygen during workouts. This will additionally increase the anabolic conditions necessary to signal growth.

This in turn will also aid with protein synthesis. This means that more of your protein shakes will be used in your body, broken down and reconstructed into muscle tissue.

Best of all though, because Trenorol is comprised of entirely natural ingredients, there are no side effects. What’s more, the results are long lasting as your body will continue to churn out increased testosterone long after you finish taking it!

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