D-Bol Steroid Alternatives

Dianabol, technically known as methandrostenolone, is an anabolic steroid taken orally that is a controlled substance in the US. That means that it’s only available on prescription, but due to its impressive muscle building properties it is often used for off-label purposes by bodybuilders and other athletes. This though is despite the fact that it has a number of known and very serious side effects. Here we will look at how this substance works, what side effects it produces, and how you can avoid the downsides of its use by using safer alternatives.



What is Dianabol?

Dianabol binds to the androgen receptors like many other anabolic steroids. This mimics the effects of testosterone (which also functions in a similar way), thus prompting the body to go into an anabolic muscle building/fat burning state. This leads to increased protein synthesis meaning you get more benefit from added protein in your diet as well as fat burning.

It can also improve raw muscle strength. Dianabol’s big advantage for many bodybuilders is that it can be taken orally meaning there’s no need for injections. Furthermore, it is considerably more potent than alternatives like Anavar and is even significantly more powerful than testosterone itself.

Unfortunately though, Dianabol is also one of the more dangerous steroids with a number of severe side effects. These include heightened blood pressure, the development of breasts in men, acne, male pattern baldness and more. Men will attempt to combat estrogenic effects (such as breast development) through the use of other substances like Arimidex, though this is not an exact science.

For women, Dianabol can have serious masculinising effects even in small doses. It can also lead to water retention, creating a ‘soft’ look that most bodybuilders try to avoid. Further to this it can damage the body’s natural testosterone production resulting in impotence, and it is illegal to use meaning you can be banned from bodybuilding competitions.

The Safer Alterantives

Fortunately there are a number of safe Dianabol Pill alternatives to this potentially destructive substance. For instance you can use DBol-GH from HGH.com or D-ANAOXN from Crazy Mass. Both of these substances are designed specifically to mimic the precise effects but without the side effects.

D-ANAOXN markets itself specifically to ‘hard gainers’ as it has such a powerful anabolic effect that even those who struggle with gaining mass should notice a big increase in hypertrophy. At the same time it also enhances strength and stamina and improves the retention of nitrogen for better circulation and delivery of important nutrients.

Dbol-GH meanwhile boosts HGH levels in the body naturally by supplying it with the necessary nutrients to create it while stimulating the pituitary gland. While this focuses on a different hormone, this results in many of the same benefits as HGH is the hormone that tells the body to repair tissue resulting in enhanced muscle growth during the night and the burning of fat. This also means that both substances can be used together for even more noticeable benefits. In short, there’s really no reason to use the highly powerful – but also highly dangerous – Dianabol.

Marine Muscle is another brand that is known for its top quality legal steroids. Drill Master from Marine Muscle is a Dianabol alternative that can help you get excellent results.