Dianabol Dosages and Effects

Dianabol, or ‘Dbol’ as it’s popularly known, is one of the most widely used and available anabolic steroids on the market. This is a substance that can drastically increase your testosterone levels and thus give you massively improved muscle gains and weight loss for a hard and powerful physique.

What’s more, it can also be taken orally which right away removes many of the negatives of having to inject yourself regularly which is unpleasant, painful and leaves scars. This is because the 17a-methylation of the steroid can pass through the body intact.

Side Effects

But just because Dianabol doesn’t involve injections necessarily, that doesn’t make it ‘safe’ as such. Taking steroids orally places even more of a strain on the liver and at the same time, you can still get many other side effects including gynecomastia (the development of breasts), water retention, heart problems and an imbalance in natural testosterone production requiring HRT.,

This is why it’s so important to get the dosage right or – better yet – to use a safer alternative such as Dianobal from Crazy Mass.

Potency and Dosage

Undeniably, Dianabol is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market and using it will lead to a rapid increase in muscle mass and fat loss. While this is good news for those looking to build big muscle, it’s bad news when it comes to trying to avoid the associated side effects.

There is some confusion when it comes to Dianabol versus Anadrol. Here, some people believe Anadrol is actually stronger. This isn’t the case – it’s simply that people tend to take a larger dosage of Anadrol leading to more impressive results.

Dbol dosage should be kept low to avoid obvious side effects and strain on your body. A dosage of 10mg daily of Dianabol will be more than enough in most cases to help replace androgen and increase recovery from those intense workouts. If you want real anabolic effects then you can up this to 20mg as a newbie and perhaps 25mg if you’re confident and you’ve been using steroids for a while.

If you increase beyond this point though, then you’re looking at ‘diminishing returns’ as far as your muscle mass gains go compared with the unwanted side effects. Some people will increase all the way up to 50mg a day but this is frankly reckless and dangerous – leave it to the professional bodybuilders. Some go beyond this point even more but that’s not something you want to even consider.

How to Safely Get the Benefits of Dianabol

20mg is what you need then to see impressive results and many will go beyond this point too. There’s just one downside – this is also enough to start introducing the negative results and putting your health at risk.

There is a solution though. Use D-ANAOXN from Crazy Mass as an alternative and you’ll be using naturally occurring herbs and nutrients to increase your testosterone production rather than unnatural means. The result? Increased testosterone and muscle mass with none of the side effects!