Did Barry Bonds Use Steroids – What Did He Take?

Steroid use is rife in a large number of sports but baseball in particular has recently been surrounded by a particularly large amount of controversy relating to the issue. This is due to players like Alex Rodriguez going on record admitting to using steroids and others being accused of steroid use and having to defend their position.

Now it seems that every player is coming under the microscope for potential use (or misuse) of performance enhancing drugs.

Barry Bonds is one such athlete who finds himself being questioned – especially after he broke the lifetime home run record of Hank Aaron. He also enjoyed a single season record of 73 back in 2001. So the question is: did he have help? Did Barry use steroids and if so, which ones?

What We Know

Unfortunately in this case, it seems that the suspicion and the speculation is justified. Barry indeed used steroids and the courts have documented proof stating that he did – as well as which steroids in particular he used.

Barry Bonds was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice during the Balco steroid affair. How did Barry respond to this evidence? He stated that he was responding to the evidence of his trainer and that he didn’t realize he was using steroids! According to Barry, he thought he was simply using some form of legal supplement. Specifically in fact, he claims that he thought the steroids were flaxseed oil!

Whether or not you believe this is up to you. However, it’s probably unlikely that a trainer would give illegal substances to a sporting icon without them being aware: and if they did, they should be in a serious amount of trouble!

We can also see the use of steroids ourselves looking at pictures of Barry, who gained significant muscle in his 30s. This would be surprising for a baseball player, who wouldn’t have any real reason to train like a bodybuilder or to add that much mass.

The steroids that Barry is thought to have used included testosterone, growth hormone and Trenbolone. Actually, growth hormone isn’t technically a steroid but is often counted alongside them. Growth hormone is actually a substance that accelerates the growth of all tissue as well as the healing of wounds.  He is also thought to have been given insulin – quite the cocktail of drugs!


There’s no doubt that Barry used steroids and unfortunately, it’s unlikely that’s he’s being truthful about his lack of awareness of the situation.

What is most unfortunate of all though, is that now people don’t think of a great athlete with record breaking homeruns when they think of Barry Bonds – instead, they think of the scandal, controversy and steroid use. This is an important lesson for any athlete thinking of using steroids – consider the impact it could have on your legacy!

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