Did Derek Jeter take steroids along with Alex Rodrigues?

Derek Jeter is a highly popular and successful baseball player and was a key factor in the success that the Yankee’s enjoyed during the 90s and 00s. Not only was he a great player but he also offered excellent leadership for the team.

Derek’s success is such that some have speculated as to whether he may have used steroids over the years. For the record, Jeter himself claims that he has never used any form of anabolic steroid but what can we ascertain by looking at his record and stats?

Could Jeter Have Been on Steroids?

One thing to keep in mind is that steroid use is fairly common in professional baseball and there have been some high profile cases of athletes using illicit substances in the sport. This is one of the main reasons that fans have gone on to question whether Jeter might have done the same and fuel was only added to that fire when ESPN commentator Skip Bayless suggested the idea. At the time, Skip was speculating on Jet’s incredible bounce back at the ripe age of 38 – could steroids have helped him to keep going later in his career?

One of the other things that has led to questioning is Alex Rodriguez’s use of steroids. Alex Rodriguez was a friend and fellow teammate and publicly came out on record admitting to using steroids. At this time Jeter stood up for his friend and this only led to further speculation: would Jeter not have been tempted to use steroids when he saw his teammate using them?

Rodriguez admitted that he used drugs between 2001 and 2003, at which point Jeter start reaching out to help his friend. Despite showing support for Rodriguez though, Jeter was also keen to be quoted saying that not all baseball players used drugs and that he did not condone Alex’s decision to juice.

What’s the Verdict?

So that’s the evidence, what’s our verdict?

Well, Jeter has always been very keen to point out that he has never used steroids and other than a great career, there’s really not the reason for us to suspect otherwise. Jeter was never particularly athletic in terms of his appearance and his performance and record could very easily be put down to hard work, determination and natural talent.

Of course, we’ll probably never know for sure. If Alex did use steroids it would likely have been Winnidrol, as this is what many other baseball players used. More likely though, he would simply have eaten a very good diet packed with protein and maybe have used legal supplements to help enhance his athletic performance.

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