Did Michael Clark Duncan Use Steroids for the Green Mile?

Michael Clark Duncan was a highly charismatic actor, well known for his baritone voice and huge physique. Tragically, he died in 2012 due to a heart attack at only 54 years of age.

Did Michael Clark Duncan Use Steroids for the Green Mile

Today, fans of the actor continue to remember him fondly through his work and to look up to his accomplishments both in Hollywood and in his personal life. One thing that was always particularly impressive about Duncan was his physique, which was extra impressive considering his height. As any tall bodybuilder knows, it can be especially hard work to look bulky when you have more ‘scaffolding’ to fill out in the first place!

One film in which Duncan looked particularly huge was The Green Mile. So the question is: did Michael Clark Duncan use steroids for The Green Mile? Would you need to use steroids to get into the same kind of shape, especially at that height? Let’s examine what we know.

Did Michael Clark Duncan Use Steroids?

First of all, it’s important to note that Michael Clark Duncan has never gone on record stating that he used steroids. This means it’s only possible to speculate based on what we know about the actor.

One thing that leads many people to question whether he may have used steroids is the fact that he had a heart attack at a young age. It is well known that steroids can place strain on the heart and thus this could potentially point to steroid use. That said however, it’s also important to recognize that there are many other potential causes of heart attack. His size could also have made heart attack more likely, at 6’5’’ and 300lb+, his heart would have needed to work extra hard to maintain circulation.

Then again, looking at pictures of Duncan in The Green Mile as well as films like Daredevil, it does lead one to question just how likely it is that he could have reached that size without steroids. Duncan had huge arms for his height and low body fat. Once again though, the counter-argument to this is that he didn’t have quite the same measurements or low body fat percentage as a professional bodybuilder. It’s certainly at least possible to approach this kind of size without steroids.

Size, Strength and Workouts

Duncan was able to bench press an amazing 600 lbs and would reportedly train most days with weights for one hour, followed by half an hour of cardio.

What makes this all the more surprising is that he had a strict vegetarian diet, making it considerably more difficult to get protein. That doesn’t necessarily point to steroid use, however, seeing as he may have been able to get the necessary protein from fish, eggs and whey.

With all this said, what is our verdict? No one will ever know for sure, but there’s certainly a fair chance that Duncan would have used steroids. If not, he managed to achieve near peak muscle mass for a natural athlete and either way, it was certainly a very impressive achievement!

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