Don’t Skip Your Leg Day… Or Butt Day!

Vince DelMonte recently encountered a little controversy on his YouTube channel when he announced that he didn’t always recommend that beginners do compound movements. We all know how much YouTube commenters love their squats and deadlifts and making a bold statement like is a little like painting a target on your chest! Of course Vince had good reasons for what he said but that’s a post for another time…


But this basically begs the question: so how does Vince train his legs? In this video, he explains one workout he uses regularly and it’s an interesting one… it’s the one he uses to train his glutes! As he points out, if you wish your lady would get in the gym and do some squats then maybe you need to bring your own A game in that department too!



Activation Sets

Vince starts his workout with activation sets using the resistance machines. He uses hamstring curl and leg extension but anything will do the trick! Activation sets involve shortening the muscle by going through the movement and then holding the position for two seconds to create the burn. This should help to get blood flowing and prevent any likelihood of injury.



Next up, Vince heads to the deadlift for his working sets. He does this in a particular way though, that allows him to bias his glutes.


And how is he biasing the glutes? By emphasizing hip movement. That means he’s bringing those hips forward and then back and using a weight that’s light enough to allow him to do that. This is important: if we use a heavier weight then our forearms or another muscle group will give out before the glutes. So keep it light while consciously making sure it’s the glutes that are doing the work!


Front Squat

The same goes for the front squat. This is a great choice because it changes the angle of the resistance and allows you to really drive through your base – the hamstrings and the glutes. Use a weights belt to support the torso (we don’t want that giving out first) and try to use a shorter number of reps so that you can keep that focus where it needs to be. Vince uses small plates to increase the weight in small increments.


Elevated Lunge

The elevated lunge is a lunge that puts more emphasis on the glutes again. And to make sure you maximize this effect, there’s one absolutely crucial tip you need to keep in mind: you are trying to move yourself forward and back more than moving yourself straight up and down. How do you think that sprinters get such good glutes? Pull yourself back and then feel as though you’re pushing yourself forward and up off of that elevated surface behind you.


Glute Bridges

Finally, let’s end on some glute bridges. Do this on an exercise ball or on another raised surface and once again focus on squeezing those glute muscles and focus on moving the weight upwards and into the middle.


Anyway, Vince explains it much better… so check out the video and find out how to get an awesome behind!