Excellent Muscle Building Workout Using Nothing but Your Bodyweight

If you’re looking for a good routine/split that’s simple to follow and that can be sued by beginners or pros alike, then you should look no further than PPL. PPL is ‘Push Pull Legs’ and it basically means you’re splitting your routine into three days – pushing movements that work pushing muscles (pecs, triceps, shoulders), pulling movements that work the pulling muscles (biceps, lats, traps) and legs. I also like to combine legs with abs.

PPL is perfect because it doesn’t focus on a single muscle group every week (which many bro splits do) but at the same time lets you generate more intensity than you would with a full body workout. If you’re serious about getting rapid growth then you can perform this routine twice a week and training that much more frequently will really trigger explosive changes.

Unfortunately, most people assume that PPL is a routine that can only be used in a gym. O contraire! This following routine is perfect for your ‘push day’ and it’s something you can do with no equipment at all.

Do this twice a week and your pecs, triceps and shoulders will look big and defined in no time.


Diamond Push Ups

Diamond push ups are a type of narrow grip push up. They’re so named because your thumb and forefinger of each hand will be touching, creating a diamond shape. These are great for really isolating the triceps and you should find they’re actually pretty challenging.

Perform 15 reps, three sets.

Towel Tricep Extensions

Keeping the pressure on the triceps, we’re now going to start hitting this muscle group with nothing but a towel. Take a short hand towel and then pull it apart as though you were trying to rip it in half. Now, with it over your head, you’re going to move the towel up and down as though you were performing overhead tricep extensions. You can also use this with a tricep push-down movement.

The great thing about both types of tricep extension here is that the towel is helping you to keep the triceps contracted, thereby providing the resistance you need – sans weights! Perform three sets of 15 reps.

Plank Front Raises

This is a nice move that challenges the pecs, cores and anterior deltoids. Get into a plank position with your arms straight and then raise one arm straight up in front of you, hinging at the shoulder. The challenge comes from balancing on one hand and performing the very light repetitions with your arms.

Again, do three sets of fifteen.

Reverse Bench Dips

This is basically a push up, using a table, bench or any other solid surface to make it incline. This can also be used for doing bodyweight tricep extensions if you lower your body underneath the table.

Another great way to use the reverse bench dip, is to complete as many press ups as you can and then to move directly to reverse bench dips as a type of mechanical drop set.

Finish with this on three sets of fifteen.