Foods that Lower Testosterone – What to Avoid

I am sure you know that foods can help boost testosterone. You might have read a couple of articles about it. Sure, zinc-rich foods, proteins, and essential fats are important to elevate testosterone secretion in your body. But, at the same time, certain foods can produce the opposite effect and lower your testosterone.

Foods that lower testosterone

Foods that Lower Testosterone

These are foods that you should avoid having:

#1. Fast Food

Let me begin this list with fast food. If you love burgers and hotdogs, it’s time to rethink your dietary habits. More often than not, burgers and hotdogs are stuffed with low-grade meat and processed with high chemical content. No wonder, they fall into the category of foods that wreak havoc on your testosterone levels.

There are different types of fast foods, but only two appear to be at the top of the list of foods to avoid: burgers and hotdogs. The only burgers that can be eaten include those that are made with ground beef and have a low cheese content.

Stay away from such fast foods and you will be rewarded with healthy testosterone levels and a robust sex drive.

#2 Licorice

Licorice is commonly used in tobacco, teas, sweets and chewing gums. What makes it a big testosterone inhibitor is a compound that it contains – glycyrrhizic acid. According to a study, even a moderate dose of glycyrrhizic acid can significantly reduce the production of testosterone by the Leydig cells by inhibiting the activity of the 17β-HSD enzyme, which acts as a catalyst in testosterone production.

Initially, the study was conducted to see the effect of glycyrrhizic acid in rats. 11 years later, it was done to establish the effects in humans. In this particular study, 7 healthy men were given just 7g a day of licorice through candy tablets and the results were quite astonishing. These men experienced their testosterone levels drop from 740 ng/dL to 484 mg/dL. It was established that such a small dose nearly halved testosterone levels in these 7 men.

However, the good news was that within 4 days of stopping this licorice-rich candy, their testosterone levels returned to normal.

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#3 Alcohol

Alcohol is what you should avoid at all costs. It tends to increase estrogen levels in your body. Estrogen is the female sex hormone and it lowers testosterone production. If you have man boobs, it’s quite possible that your estrogen levels are higher than normal.

A couple of studies back up this claim that alcohol lowers testosterone. In a study conducted on rats, it was found that when rats were fed a diet in which 5% of the calories came from alcohol, the rats experienced their testicle size reduced by an astounding 50%. Testicular atrophy is linked with a reduction in testosterone secretion.

Not just this, in humans too alcohol consumption is linked with a drop in testosterone levels. Chronic alcoholics are known to have high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone in their bodies as compared to men who do not consume alcohol.

#4 Soy Products

Now, soybeans have a high concentration of phyto-estrogenic isoflavones that include genistein, daidzein, and glycitien. According to studies, isoflavones can activate estrogen receptors as well as downregulate the androgen receptors. Secondly, these compounds can lower the production of thyroid hormone by interfering with iodine uptake by the thyroid gland. It’s worth noting that suppressed activity of the thyroid gland is directly linked with a drop in testosterone levels in men.

What it clearly implies is that soy and soy products can lead to a drop in your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, most soy products are being promoted as being healthy for men. This is in complete contrast to what things in reality are. If you want to boost your testosterone levels, read the labels carefully and avoid all supplements and foods that have soy in them.

#5 Soda

Soda, unsurprisingly, makes to the list of foods that are bad for your testosterone levels. The use of soda is highly common in North America and even European countries. It’s abundantly rich in sugars and provides a high amount of calories. A single can of Coca-Cola can contain up to 139 calories. Some people may choose diet Coke over the regular Coca Cola but that is supposed to be even worse.

A high level of sugar in soda tends to elevate your Insulin levels. Insulin inhibits testosterone production. Not just this, sodas tend to increase your weight and can also be a contributing factor to various diseases such as coronary heart disease, strokes and type II diabetes.

There are many other foods that can lower your testosterone levels. Some of these include ice creams, pasta, snacks, low-fat diet and sugar, etc. If you want to boost testosterone levels, try to include foods that are rich in proteins and moderate in essential fats like omega-3 fatty acids. Limiting carb and sugar intake is also important.

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