Frank Zane and Top 10 Training Tips

Frank Zane needs no introduction. He’s a legend who is known for winning the Mr. Olympia title three times. Not just this, he is also the winner of Mr. America and Mr. Universe. He has the rare honour of winning over Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he defeated in the Mr. Universe in 1968. He’s known as the godfather of aesthetics. In this article, he lists 10 training tips that can help you carve out an ideal physique.


According to Frank:

  • Skip the Flat Bench – This might sound a bit crazy but the fact is that even though this is an exercise that is great for adding mass to your pecs, delts and triceps, the usefulness of this exercise doesn’t last. There are other exercises that you need to focus on such as incline dumbbell presses, peck deck or dumbbells on a decline bench.
  • Annihilate Your Abs – He goes on to say that you must do a lot of ab work. Superset crunches with leg raises, Roman chair, hanging knee raises etc. are some of the exercises that he recommends.
  • Master Motivation – Keep yourself motivated throughout, not just when you begin working but when also when you become an advanced bodybuilder.

Here’s an excerpt from this article:


Motivation is based on two things. When you start out, it’s a different kind of motivation. Most people begin to work out in the gym because they don’t like where they’re at and they want to improve. That’s called deficiency motivation. That’s good motivation to start with. Then, after you do it for a while and you’ve made improvement, you’re motivated to keep going because you want even more improvement. That’s the best kind of motivation to have if you’re going to keep doing this—to get rewarded for what you’re doing. Give yourself a reward, and I don’t mean eating junk food or doing something that’s contrary to your goals. Reward yourself in a positive way.

One-Arm Cable Curl
Standing perpendicular to the cable pulley allows you to better isolate your biceps.


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