Growing Big with the FST-7 Training Protocol

The FST-7 is a great training principle created by the Pro Creator, Hany Rambord. This was after many years of research and experimentation. He has used the principle for a long time with his clients to create amazing physiques. FST refers to Fascia Stretch Training while the seven refers to the seven sets performed for the very final exercise of the target body part. Many clients have used the FST-7 system and achieved great results at improving even the most stubborn body parts which have resisted anything else that the client had used.


Idea behind the FST-7 system

This training method is primarily designed to stretch the fascia which is a thin sheath of connective tissue that serves the purpose of holding muscle and organs in place. The chief goal of the FST-7 is to fill up muscle with as huge an amount of blood as possible which in turn loosens the muscle and creates room for growth. The success of the final seven sets, despite having been designed to engorge the muscle with even more blood, is highly dependent on an individual’s recuperative capabilities.

The FST-7 protocol should not be used for every body part in the course of the week. Training once a week is recommended for larger muscle groups such as the chest, legs, shoulders and back since they take longer to recover. Smaller muscle groups such as the calves, triceps and biceps can be trained twice a week.

As for the last exercise which is the 7s, machines and isolation movement are preferred over and above free-weight compound exercises as the latter take more balance and technique. They also tend to have supporting muscles activated during movement. Machines are a wise option as they keep one in a fixed plane of movement hence making it easier to isolate the target muscle.

Going about the FST-7

Just like any other training program, the FST-7 requires consistency and dedication. It is advisable for one to log their workouts and monitor closely how their body feels. A stronger muscle, for example, will grow into a bigger muscle and consequently allow the use of heavier weights. However, the weight should be lightened when one feels their form breaking as form happens to be more important than weight.

Many bodybuilders have achieved tremendous results with the FST-7 training protocol and have reported notable changes within a few weeks. With the proper nutrition and implementation of the workout, you will be well on your way to acquiring enviable muscle.



It is a common misconception that the 7s are light. The 7s should in fact bring you close to tears. Between each set of the 7s is a short rest period say 30-45 seconds which is sufficient time for the muscle to supersaturate. Flexing and stretching of the muscle should be done alternately after each set for 30 seconds. Bearing in mind that one is guaranteed to feel an extreme pump with the 7s, a trainee ought to be smart about the body part they wish to train.