HGF MAX Review – Powerful HGH Supplement

Do You Want to Boost Your HGH Levels for Gaining Lean and Hard Muscle?

HGF MAX is a Breakthrough Formula for Increasing HGH Naturally and Safely that can help you Increase Lean, Hard and Dry Muscle Quickly


  • enhances HGH naturally
  • increases muscle size and strength
  • improves muscle tone
  • boosts metabolism and burns fat
  • enhances energy and reverses age effects
  • improves immune system
  • taken orally in pill form
  • no injections required
  • no known side effects
  • excellent user reviews
  • complete money back guarantee

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What is HGF MAX and How Does it Work?

HGF MAX is a highly powerful natural alternative to human growth hormone. It comes in a pill form and is taken orally. It is a unique mix of natural ingredients that stimulate your pituitary gland so that it can secrete more HGH naturally.

Some of the ingredients in HGF MAX include:

1. L-arginine – This is an amino acid that can boost HGH in your body by as much as 3 times even in old age. Mixed with other ingredients in HGF MAX, it can multiply HGH production in your body by an amazing 10 times.

HGF max Ingredients2. L-Glutamine – This amino aid is extremely effective for muscle growth. It also enhance immunity and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. L-lysine – This is yet another amino acid that can do wonders for your HGH production. It can increase muscle growth in your body and promote nitrogen retention. It is also highly effective in improving sexual function.

4. L-Tyrosine – This amino acid helps your thyroid produce Thyroxine. This is a hormone that fights stress, regulates growth and metabolism in your body.

5. Glycine – It stimulates pituitary gland to produce more HGH. It also helps calm down your brain. It also supports a healthy prostate.

6. Astragalus Extract – It is rich in antioxidants and helps neutralize free radicals.  It helps repair cell damage in your body and reduces age effects.

7. Deer Antler Velvet – It is a very powerful performance enhancer that is a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. It is highly effective in increasing muscle mass in the body. It also helps speed up recovery after an intense workout.

8. GABA – It is highly effective for brain metabolism. GABA HGH releaser helps create a favorable environment for your brain to produce more HGH naturally.

Other ingredients include Phosphatidyl Choline and L-ornithine.

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User Reviews

HGF MAX has been getting outstanding reviews and comments from users. One of the most satisfied users is 51 year old Lawrence Heckathorne who says,

I was 51 years old and had my right totally replaced. During my physical rehab process my therapist pushed too hard on my ankle to achieve more range of motion to my knee. Well my patella tendon ruptured completely causing my knee cap to slide up into my quadriceps. VERY PAINFUL. After 4 months in cast i was finally able to use a walker and go back to another phys. therapy chain.

During the next few months of blood sweat and tears i found your website HGH.com – I ordered some of your product HGF MAX and after a few of taking the product i noticed a gradual increase in muscle mass in my right leg.This was awesome because my orthopedic surgeon said because of the severity of my injury i was only going to get back 60% use of my muscles. Today May 09 2014 I am walking backwards/even up and down stairs which i was told i would never be able to do. I use HGF-Max and with a home gym-center weight stack with all arm and leg attachments and a lot of hard work and the HGF-Max i feel stronger at 52 than i did at 30. Best regards to all who want to achieve great results using this product IT WORKS

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  • no prescription required
  • taken orally, no injections needed
  • increases HGH naturally
  • enhances immunity
  • increases lean muscle in the body
  • burns excess fat and helps lose weight
  • improves sleep
  • improves hair, skin and nails
  • increases focus and mental concentration
  • reduces fatigue and depression
  • increases stamina and energy
  • improves vision and hearing
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • helps get younger looking skin
  • no known side effects
  • suitable for people over the age of 18
  • excellent user reviews
  • developed with input from IFBB pros
  • complete money back guarantee for 90 days
  • discount offers available



HGF MAX is a top notch HGH supplement formulated with input from IFBB pros. It has been used by Ben White, Tara Silzer and thousands of other bodybuilders without any negative side effects. even after looking for some time, I could not find anything negative about this supplement.

It is reasonably priced as compared to other HGH treatments such as HGH injections that can cost you thousands of dollars.


Dbol-Roid-Anagh-HgfmaxStacking Option – Muscle Building Stack

WEIGHT BUILDER PACK – One of the most popular stacks from HGH.com consists of HGF MAX, Dbol GH, RoidX Juice and Ana GH. It is the strongest bulking stack that has been getting excellent user reviews.

Dbol GH mimics dianabol and helps raise growth hormone levels in your body. Ana GH mimics anadrol safely. RoidX juice is a very powerful muscle gainer that can be used only by men.

This stack comes at a discounted price of just $300 for a month supply. 2 month supply of this stack costs $520. Though this stack is a bit expensive, its worth its price when it comes to gaining lean, hard and dry muscle.

Though you can try it for a month, I would highly recommend that you try it for at least 2 months if you are serious about gaining lean and hard muscle. Like other HGH.com products, this stack also comes with a complete money back guarantee for 90 days. You can have your money back if you are not satisfied with the results.


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HGF MAX CTAPrice and Best Offers:

Though you can buy a month supply for $116.95 (120 capsules), I would highly recommend that you try it for a couple of months to get the best results and, of course, a good discount. Some of the best offers include the following:

  • BUY 2 GET 1 FREE for $233.91
  • BEST SELLERBUY 4 GET 2 FREE for $467.82
  • BEST VALUE OFFER – 12 Month Supply for $899.99
  • WEIGHT BUILDER PACK comprising of HGF MAX, Dbol GH, Ana-GH and RoidX Juice comes at a discounted price of $300 for a month supply. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW


HGF MAX comes with a complete money back guarantee for 90 days. This makes your purchase absolutely risk free!

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