At Home Tricep Workout – No Equipment Needed!

Want to work out your triceps at home?

Many a time, it’s not possible for a lot of guys to visit the gym either because of their tight schedule or work commitments. In such a case, its best to workout at home. Here is a great workout for triceps that you can do at home, without any equipment and still manage a great pump.

This is a simple routine with 4 exercises. You are required to do each of these exercises for one minute each followed a 30 seconds rest. Try to do 4 sets of these exercises so that your workout for 16 minutes. The logic behind doing an exercise for one complete minute is that it helps you push your limits to the max.

  1. The first exercise in this routine is the Close Stance Puch Ups. Put your hands close to each other but do not go for the Diamond position. Your hands should be a little bit apart from each other while doing these push ups. This puts a lot of tension on your triceps and you should be able to feel burn very quickly. If you find to continue for a minute, stop for a second or two and continue again. You can also put your feet on the floor while doing push if and only if you find it really hard to go on for a minute without a break in between.
  2. The next exercise in this routine is the Bodyweight Dips. You can do this exercise using your couch or a table etc. So place your hands on the couch, shoulder width apart and start doing dips. Keep your arms and elbows in the fixed position. In this exercise, you use your hips to go up and down as you perform dips. While doing this exercise what you need to take care of is that you do not swing your hips.
  3. The third exercise in this circuit is the Bodyweight Skull Crushers. Get to the end of the couch and place your hands on it. Then you are going to get your body closer to the couch so that your hands are above your head. Watch the video above closely to see how to perform this exercise correctly. This exercise is great activating the long head of your triceps. Not just this, it is going to put a lot of emphasis on the medial head. Try to squeeze the muscle at the top. Try to do as many reps as possible in one minute. Trust me, this one is going to be quite a tough exercise.
  4. The last exercise in this routine is going to be Isometric Tricep Hold. Watch the video above closely to get the right position. Try to stay in this position for one whole minute. This is really going to make you feel the burn.

Once you are done with this exercise, take a rest of 2-3 minutes before you begin with another set of all these 4 exercises.

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