Home Triceps Workout with Dumbbells

I have been working out for more than 20 years now but in the few days I have been finding it really difficult to frequent the gym because of my work commitments. I was looking for some good home workouts when I came across Anabolic Aliens. I followed a couple of his home workout routines and now I am hooked to this guy. He has been posting some great workout videos online. I have already posted chest, shoulders, and bicep workouts.

Here’s a triceps workout in the same series. Try it once and I guarantee, you would be hooked too.

Like other workouts, this is also a 5-minute workout that will give you a rock solid pump. Set the timer in your phone to 5 minutes, grab a set of dumbbells and you are ready to go:

  1. The first exercise in this routine is the Tricep Press with Dumbbells. Try to keep your elbows still throughout the movement and stretch your arms fully when you go up so that you can feel it on your triceps. Try to do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. If you find this exercise easy, simply lift heavier dumbbells. Make sure that you do the full range of motion throughout the exercise. Do not cheat.
  2. As soon as you get done with one minute of doing tricep press, start doing Kickbacks. Try to keep your elbows as still as possible and try to squeeze your triceps when you stretch your arm fully. A lot of guys find kickbacks really easy to do but it gets really tough when you do this exercise for one whole minute non-stop. No wonder, it can really help build muscle as well as increase muscle endurance. While doing kickbacks, have a nice bend in your back and try to keep it straight and neutral. Try to do as many reps as possible. If you find it hard to do it for a minute, stop for a second or two, breathe out and begin again. Do not take long breaks in between. Remember, you need to do this exercise for one full minute before you progress on to the next exercise in the routine.
  3. The next exercise in this routine right after kickbacks is skullcrushers. Lye down on the ground and start doing skullcrushers with dumbbells. Like on other exercises, try to keep your elbows as still as you can, otherwise, you feel not feel the pump in your triceps. Use the ground as your breaking point while doing this exercise. Try to do as many reps as possible in one minute.
  4. Once you are done with this exercise, start doing Tate Press, while lying down then and there. If you have not done this exercise earlier, watch the video above to get the right movement and position. This is another great exercise for your triceps. By this time, your triceps should be burning but you need to push yourself to complete the workout. Try to max out as many reps as possible in one minute.
  5. The last exercise in this routine is Close Grip Bench Press with Dumbbells, of course. As soon as you get done with tate press, start doing close grip bench press with dumbbells right there lying on the floor. This seems an easy exercise but you will realize how difficult it can be when you actually do it. Try to do as many reps as possible in one minute. Keep the dumbells together throughout this exercise and squeeze your triceps while doing it to feel the pump.

As s the timer stops, drop the dumbbells and check out the pump in your triceps. Trust me, by now you would be having an awesome crazy pump.

Relax and have your favorite protein shake. My favorite one is Rekaged from Kage Muscle.

How to Get Better Results from Your Workouts?

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